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Way of the Samurai 4 - Bonus DLC

Regarding recent comments about the mention of bonus DLC in Way Of The Samurai 4’s product description, we’re happy to offer the following explanation:

Our original plan was to launch the game with a 40% Pre-Purchase discount along with bonus DLC, after which we planned to apply a 20% discount to the game during its first week of release.  However, we later decided it would be better value to keep the 40% Pre-Purchase discount but then apply a 20% discount to both the game and all DLC during the release week instead.  Unfortunately the original game description wasn’t updated to reflect this.

As a way of making amends, anyone that has purchased Way of the Samurai in the last two weeks will automatically receive a free copy of Flame Over in the their Steam library. Additionally, we are also extending the 20% discount for one more week.

Thanks again for all your feedback and support – it’s hugely appreciated by everyone here :)

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