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Vote now for the colour of your limited edition P3P pre-order T-shirt!

Hey all,

As promised a little earlier in the comments section, we've had a few different opinions here and on other sites about the best colour for the liimited edition T-Shirt we're offering as a pre-order incentive if you buy P3P direct from our shop.

With that in mind - and in the true spirit of democracy - I've decided to host a poll. Here's a breakdown of the colours available to us:








Navy Blue


Ok, so there are your options: simply vote for your choice via the handy poll below and click vote to register it.

We'll close the poll at midday (GMT) on Friday and reveal the final result that afternoon. I hope you get your wish! ;)


Thanks for now.



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Barts says:

Hello again. Navy Blue of course. Black is the second choice.
Kai says:

Hm, as black and white are so common for shirts, I'll go with the grey one!
Serj says:

Black please!
angelyuki789 says:

same thoughts as Kai on this one, except I'll go with navy blue!
Cloud says:

And what about the sizes of these t-shirts ? Are they in just one size or we can choose one after pre ordering ?
timehero says:

navy blue, because blue is the main color of the game (if you are playing with the male MC) I bought this game when it was released on USA but I supose that I will have to buy it again.
Masamune says:

I went with Black, just because the pictures seem to stand out more on that one. :) I think the Navy Blue is lovely too though, so I'd be happy with either.
Muz says:

voted :) its awesome you got these for pre-orders. any idea if we can get to choose which size is available to us apart from the listed Large?
Ben says:

Navy blue, definitely. Although black would be fine, too. Just as long as it's not grey or white.
Kai says:

ahhh guys, don't choose the devilish blue colour. imagine yourself wearing that blue shirt with your blue jeans - that doesn't fit! :P
Sanglyon says:

I don't want blue, this color makes every red blosh on the skin stand out by contrast. Plus, as kai said, that would look bad with denims. Black hides the drop-down shadows of the design, so it doesn't stand out as much as it could. White is to easy to stain. That leaves me with grey.
[GL] Al says:

Morning all, You've got five more minutes to vote for your favourite t-shirt colour! Voting closes at 12:00GMT. Which way will Caesar's thumb turn? Tune in later to find out... :D
Tetsuo-kun says:

Navy Blue or Black :)

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