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Trails in the Sky Collector’s Edition Announced

It’s been a busy week for us with Agarest: Generations of War Zero finally being released this Friday.  Even as I type, the copies of Agarest Zero are travelling around the world to get to their new owners.  But that’s not all we’ve been up to; we have also finalised the Collector’s Edition contents for Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.


This fantastic package includes:

  • UMD box
  • 5 art cards (art from the Japanese telephone cards)
  • Soundtrack with a CD busting 33 tracks
  • The Collector’s Edition box

And anyone who orders through the Ghostlight store will receive:

  • A1 poster which will be sent separately rolled in a tube – NOT FOLDED!!

Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky is currently in test (in fact, I’ve just taken a little break from testing it to write this blogpost) and we will be announcing a release date soon.

In other news, International Athletics is part of the PSP Power Sale and will have its price reduced from £6.29 to £3.99 from the 24th August to the 7th September; perfect for everyone who needs something for their PSP before Persona 3 Portable comes out. :)

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ObviusFault says:

What type of game is this? :)
Andrea says:

Nice package. Just one question: Is it possible to include at least the OST in the digital version of the game? With God of War: Ghost of Sparta Sony gave the same pre-order bonus to both retail and digital version.
[GL] Ross says:

@ObviusFault It's a rather awesome PSP JRPG you can read a review of the US release at I enjoyed it so much that when I was evaluating it I took the game home with me to play it there :)
[GL] Ross says:

@Andrea I'll pass your comment on and see what we can do.
Lozzy says:

Glad I didnt bother to import it because it was only the game, no extras! So this is one to look forward to!
Cam says:

day one buy for me
Kaishou says:

Awesome collector's edition you have. It's too bad I bought the US version of this game and won't be able to buy EUR version due to save files. Is it possible to buy the poster on it's own? I really would love to hang that poster.
[GL] Ross says:

@Kaishou Not sure we'll be able to do that but I'll mention it and see if we can come up with a solution.
Kaishou says:

Thanks Ross, I appreciate it. Other than this, I just received Agarest Zero and I'm having fun with it.
fardamucho says:

I am hesitating between buying through the Ghostlight store and my local store... :P Thank you very much for the news Ross, very good content. There is a costumer here. And about GoW: Ghost of Sparta soundtrack... i received a coupon code to download with the copy of the game (it's a PSP game) and when inserted through Media Go asked me for a PS3. I don't have a PS3 so... didn't get the soundtrack. Don't like very much a virtual pig in a digital poke.
Cryo says:

When can we order this? ^^
[GL] Ross says:

@Cyro We'll update you on the blog as soon as pre-orders go live :)
michaelius says:

Oh soundtrack aka the only ever remotly usefull part of CE editions ;) I like it. Hmm is it just coincidence that second word of my anti-spam captcha is TITSita? :)
[GL] Ross says:

@michaelius it does seem to be video game related today I had Zelda earlier :)
Foxfyre says:

Ah, come on guys, stop making me love you so much! This looks an amazing collectors edition! Really can't wait for this game now~
Haseo says:

Niiiice!!! *___* I can't wait to take it!! Even though I still have to take your P3P CE... ._.
Haseo says:

Oh, yes!! A question: the CD will be contained in a sleeve (like in the picture) or will you put it into a jewelcase?
Rayjay says:

Do you know when this is being released on the PSN as well?
Alkaid says:

Thanks Ghostlight, awesome collectors edition, but now I'm kinda on the horns of a dilemma. The US Version has the Bracer Badge (I REALLY WANT IT) but the EU version has the A1 poster and the art cards. GOD DAMN IT! I'm really greatful for this but ghhnn! WHAT TO BUY!? >__
Rena says:

Wish there was a edition, wear the UMD had been replaced with PSN code.
tanuki says:

not bad at all! You can count on my purchase!
[GL] Ross says:

Thanks for all the great comments everyone :) @Haseo The picture was made before the physical product was completely finalised we're now using a jewel case for the soundtrack :) @Rayjay We don't have a date for the PSN release either but I'm hoping to get both the dates soon @Alkaid I might be biased but I think this one is the coolest :) @Rena Don't think that is possible I'm afraid
Barts says:

Why oh why wasn't there a music CD with Persona 3 Portable Collector's Edition? I kid, I kid. I am really glad to finally see Europe getting nice CEs for these games, such as the ones I was always jealous they had in States. Thanks Ghostlight!
technochicken says:

Nice nice nice. That'll tide me over until p2 is released. do you know if the box will be a slip case like p3 or just a box like agarest zero. Weird yes but i like my slipcases. Got to tear myself away from zero now as im off on holidays. woooo.
[GL] Ross says:

@Barts Glad you like it. @technochicken It's going to be a box. Hope you have a good holiday. Where are you going?
Haseo says:

Perfect!! *__* Thanks for the answer!
EnigmaticHat says:

Just went onto the website. Now that is a website! I'll definitely be getting this someday along with Persona 2.
LotsofSnow says:

Nice work! It's cool to have game soundtracks with more than 10 songs. Will we get the release date soon?
[GL] Ross says:

@LotsofSnow It should be going into submission next week so hopefully we'll have a release date soon :)
Richie says:

This CE is very tempting! Ross, will the PSN version arrive some time after the UMD's release? That will help me decide which version I'll get.
[GL] Ross says:

@Richie Not sure at the moment I'm afraid but I'll post on the blog when I know what is going to be happening with the release dates.
Mark says:

Hi, if I buy Agarest Zero in your site, do I receive the game this weekend or next week? (I dont want to wait no longer than tuesday)
[GL] Ross says:

@Mark It would be sent out on Tuesday I'm afraid. But you would get a very nice T-Shirt :).
Eru says:

Awesomeness! This news came at a great time (Again?! First SMT: P2 news brightens my day, now this?!) Just received my Xenoblade pre-order yesterday minus posters...(I pre-ordered online...) Also, I received Agarest Zero the other - fab, my brother loved the 3D Artcards : )
[GL] Ross says:

@Eru We aim to please :)
spac3cow6oy says:

Glad I held off importing the US version. I'll be pre-ordering this as soon as possible. :)
mobby says:

Hey, I did not register in your shop yet, but am interested in the pre order of Trails in the Sky. So I'd like to know which payment methods are available. PayPal, maybe? I do not have a credit card, would be sad if I could not buy it... Thanks in advance.
technochicken says:

@Ross We just took the kids away to relocated for a week. Cheap beer at the holiday park, a beach close by and the kids love it. All good. I got myself an clerks play the other day and this morning a found and quite shocked at spectral souls on the android market! Never played the series before and on loving it. The series and background art are crystal clear on a four inch screen. Anyway my question is, is it the same version of spectral souls that you have on the psn? If not that a purchase when I get back.
Seishoujyo says:

''A1 poster'' Ross I love you it's a buy ^^ A poster for Persona 2 and I marry you Ross (just saying that because P2 posters are so rare). BTW I received Agarest LE it's just amazing, love the t shirt and the 3D cards, and the game is really far better than Agarest 1, the new ''living'' artworks are beautifull.
[GL] Ross says:

@Mobby Pre-orders for Trails in the Sky are not yet open. While we usually only accept credit cards if you email when preorders go live we might be able to arrange an alternative. @Technochicken I'm not sure really. We didn't do the Android version so I've never actually seen it. @Seishoujyo Glad you're enjoying it. It is a real step up from the original game IMO. By the way I've seen the Persona 2 collector's edition now. It's not confirmed just yet so I can't say too much yet.
[GL] Ross says:

Another thing I've just done an interview for a Spanish site which can be found at
Fel says:

Wow, this is amazing! Is the poster the same which is included in the American Limited Edition, or is it bigger/has different picture? Since the USA one has 13x19 inches, this one should be bigger, right?
[GL] Ross says:

@Fel It's the same picture but our is bigger then theirs.
fardamucho says: Thank you for the link Ross.To read something in spanish should always be welcomed :) (And about new PSP releases in Europe too) Regards. saludos desde españa.

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