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Top of the World

Hi everyone.  Take a quick look over here, just take a quick glance at the top.

Have you seen it yet!  Have you! Have you!  Sometimes things happen in the Ghostlight offices that are so exciting that we can’t stop ourselves from sharing them and P3P reaching the top of the UK PSP Chart is definitely one of those things.

We’d also like to give a massive thank you to everyone who has bought a copy of P3P and supported us here at Ghostlight.   It has been brilliant hearing from so many of you about your experiences with P3P, your hopes for Agarest: Generations of War Zero or the games you want us to try to pick up.

Thank you again


Ross (and everyone else at Ghostlight)

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edwwie says:

your welcome, dood, we're happy too
ueruzu says:

Wow, a JRPG at the top of the UK chart - you don't see that very often! Well done Ghostlight!
Barbie says:

well deserved ^.^
Amy says:

Congrats!! I love the fact that its beating Fifa 11 and any of the Final Fantasy PSP games >;P Go P3P FTW!!! :D
Kai says:

And I have to thank you Ghostlight employees for your passion for atlus games and this really fine piece of art (I mean the P3P special edition including shirt which I received here in germany some days ago)!!! Great game & great extras! Please consider bringing Catherine to Europe in an equally superb edition like the US Americans will get. I think the support of the fans will be stronger than ever. cu Kai
anon says:

Well if your happy I guess that's the main thing. :) But is it really that hard to get to the top of the PSP only chart considering it's almost dead at retail. Bearing in mind it never got in the offical UK Top single platform charts at all.
Gravypie says:

Superb. MORE Shin Megami please. These are my fave PS2 and PSP games. Well done to all.
Lauren says:

Woot!!! Everybodys happy :)
Demius says:

Congratz! I don't have a PSP or else i would have bought it. Bring stuff to 3DS!!!

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