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The Public has spoken

Here at Ghostlight we’re always interested in finding out your thoughts on the important issues of our age such as what games do you want us to bring over here next?  However despite our success in arranging a Bank Holiday to celebrate the release of Persona 3 Portable we did not manage to get a referendum on this matter to be included in Thursday’s vote.  After such a setback who could have blamed us for slumping at our desks in defeat.  But overcoming such hardships is what we at Ghostlight do best (alongside releasing the best in Japanese gaming of course).  So as you know we ran a poll.

Thank you to everyone who entered.  We were overwhelmed by the number of responses and surprised by just how close the voting was.  The list of games that were mentioned is so long that we cannot list them all here. Instead I will list the top 4.

They are *drumroll*

In 4th  place with 3.4% of the vote Trauma Team

In 3rdplace with 11.2% of the vote Persona 2 Portable

And in 2ndplace with 18.7% of the vote Devil Survivor: Overclocked

Which means the winner is Catherine with 22.1% of the vote.

As you can see there wasn’t much in it. This means that most of you are either looking into dark world of demonic sub culture or love walking around the nightmarish dream worlds that have sheep for men! Either way you are a pretty weird bunch ;)

Once again thanks to everyone that took part and congratulations to the winners. We hope the figures have taken pride of place in your collections.

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ShogunDarius says:

get all 4 over here seriosly
AkaGrey says:

Amazing! Want catherine asap!!!
Ben says:

I agree; all four should be brought over. They are still the most popular four, as you said, there was many other games mentioned with fewer votes. One thing i would say, though, if you have to make the decision over which if the first and second place games to localise first, personally i think Devil Survivor Overclocked would be the wiser choice, simply because it is region-locked, whereas Catherine, on one of its consoles at least, is not (and i say this as someone who does not own a PS3).
A says:

I hope you bring an Xbox 360 version of Catherine.
Cam says:

is it going to come for 360 too?
Dgnfly says:

well there goes my hopes for Tears of tiara. i'm probably the only one who picked a pretty unknown one
michaelius says:

Hmm I'd like Tears of Tiara too but does Ghostlight have their own translation department ? I though they are bringing mostly stuff that someone translated for USA already.
Barts says:

What ShogunDarius said. Seriously, all are damn fine games and I am drooling over idea of having them all in some fancy limited edition. That said, my first priorities would be Catherine and Persona 2 Portable (or whatever the current official title is). If you bring them EU side, especially with some fancy extras (like P3P), I will buy them day one.
Dgnfly says:

michaelius you can always hope but been dashed down now anyways just hope if they bring Catherine with jap dubs cause if not it's a no buy for me
Remy says:

Well, I am going to import the US version of Cathertine because of the awesome Collector's Edition and my impatience, so I would vote for Persona 2 Portable instead... hopefully, you guys can make that happen, too! Thank you for all your hard work. Keep plugging, and good things are bound to happen. Sincerely, Remy
[GL] Daren says:

@Remy Yes it is.
marco says:

All SMT titles are great but Persona is the best :P so i would vote for Persona 2 too
Masi says:

I really hope you localize Devil Survivor Overclocked. Because of 3DS region lock you're my only hope :/
AkaGrey says:

Hope that catherine will be released on xbox360 too. if the response will be negative, i will buy the ps3 u.u
Ben says:

Just a note to those interested in Persona 2, you may wish to know (assuming you don't already, of course) that it (and the original Persona) do not have social links, and the general way the story works and the battle system are quite different. So although they're great games, they are more akin to the older main series Shin Megami Tensei games, and less like the Persona we know now. Also, just noticed that all of the top 4 games are made by Atlus. No surprises there, then.
marco says:

persona 3 is the best for me but i played persona 1 too (so i know is different^^) and i think is a great game. i'm am in this situation now: i played persona 1, 3 and 4...persona 2 is the only one i missed and is not a good thing no? :p
Ben says:

I'd like to play it eventually, too. Although one final note. This is Persona 2: Innocent Sin, which is actually only half of Persona 2. The other half is Eternal Punishment.
Dylia says:

Please, please, I beg you, please localize Trauma Team, Catherine and Devil Survivor: Overclocked. (And Persona 2 Portable if possible, because Atlus USA haven't announced a localization)
A says:

Since Catherine on PS3 will be region free I think that the better option would be to publish Devil survivor Overlocked or Persona 2.Or why not publish all 4 games?
Becci says:

Would definitely love to Catherine over here, asap. I know the PS3 US version is going to be region free, but the XBox 360 one is not. I would love to get my hand son the XBox copy, so a release would be fantastic. Not all of us can afford to go out and buy a PS3 for one game just because it's region locked. ... and I'd love to see Persona 2 Portable as well. I've wanted to play that game for years.
A says:

Persona 2 is coming to North America after all(lets hope for an Eu release as well!)Here is is the official site:
Domino says:

I want Catherine over here as soon as possible even though i have a PS3 would also like the Love is Over edition cause it looks awesome.
Domino says:

Oh yeah and for the people saying don't bother with Catherine till after the others and then suggesting Persona 2 the PSP is region free as well so that's why I think Catherine should be first so even 360 owners can play it.
abba says:

Could u please bring catherine , i live in india and i have an xbox 360 pal :( , if u are bringing the game please reply and please let us know if your also bringing the deluxe edition , the one with t shirt and boxers ..etc Please reply
[GL] Ross says:

@abba Unfortunately I'm not allowed to talk about Catherine at the moment. We are aware of everyones interest in it though.

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