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The 5 best things about Lost Dimension

Hi everyone,

This week we’re getting closer than ever to a Steam release of Lost Dimension. Just a few middleware-related issues are between us and the finish line, so those of you who are excited for the game can feel justified in getting even more excited in the coming weeks. :)

So far in this series of blog posts on the game I’ve broken down all the characters, the vision system and the battle system in general terms. So, this week I thought I’d try and round everything up and give you my Top 5 favourite things about Lost Dimension. So, without further ado, here goes!

1)      Treacherous Traitors!

Probably the best-known feature in Lost Dimension and clearly one of its coolest aspects is the traitor system. On every floor of The End’s otherworldly tower you’ll have to figure out which of the people in your party is the traitor. To begin with you’ve no idea who it is, but by mixing and matching your party in battle and listening to the voice that Sho hears in the post-battle Vision sequence, you can use the process of elimination, a handy colouration scheme and your own logic to discern the villain.

If you’ve got to this point, you’d better hope you picked the correct traitor.


You can read more about this in my previous post on the subject but needless to say it’s a standout feature. The best part is that for every playthrough after your first, the traitor on each floor is randomised, so you’ll never get comfortable with a fixed party. Heck, it doesn’t even matter if you erase the right person or not, the game rolls with it and you must carry on regardless!


2)      Deferring Deadliness

Seeing as I was just talking about how I love being sort-of-forced to use the other characters, now’s a good time to talk about deferring. Not only are you free to defer to another character you’ve already used to give them a second turn, but once you have the proper Materia, you can also gain a one-off usage of what I call ‘Crossover-Materia’ gifts.

Another day, another defer.


These are the gifts that you can only use in regular battle once a character has been Erased in the Judgment room and you’ve given their Materia to a compatible character. However, by deferring to the compatible character you can use crossover Materia Gifts for that turn only, getting access to powerful techniques you’d normally be unable to use.


3)      Mix n’ Match Materia

Again, the previous point touches on this, but in general I love how levelling up your Gifts gains access to extra Materia as you progress through the game and that how – once the traitorous characters have been erased – those Materia aren’t lost forever. Simply use the Gifts menu and you can transfer your erased characters’ Materia to their teammates, often gaining powerful new crossover Gifts in the process.

Here you can see Yoko making use of one of Agito’s Materia skills. Nice knife!


Even if you don’t gain any brand-new gifts, you can use vacant Materia to give all a character’s basic gifts to any other teammate, creating powerful new character builds in the process. Want your tank to be able to walk through walls? Give a couple of Agito’s Materia to Marco and voila, you got your wish! Wish that Mana was a bit more mobile? Give her some of Nagi’s Materia and she’ll be zipping to the top of ledges in an instant!


4)      Rewarding Storyline

On my first playthrough through of Lost Dimension I found the story very intriguing, but admittedly also a little confusing. I was unable to reconcile a few points like fully understanding The End’s motivations and why nobody really knew anyone else. All I can say is, that once I got all the characters’ trust in Sho to maximum, I fully grasped the story and my initial puzzlement was more than paid off.

I like baddies who look like baddies. And this guy is definitely bad.


I can’t really say a lot about this one (for obvious reasons!) but the way the true ending ties everything together was really rewarding and I also enjoyed finding the secret case files on my second (and even third!) times through the game. The DLC missions available are also a great way to get more info on things, although the game resolves things perfectly well on its own, if you’re not inclined to double-dip. :)


5)      Tampering with the Turn Order

The last in my top 5 favourite things, and probably also my favourite-est! ;D I simply LOVE the flexibility Lost Dimension gives you to exploit turn-based combat in general. Assist attacks where you mob a tougher enemy and use the whole team to take it down in a single turn are just soooooo satisfying.

Another of Sho’s skills that passively messes with turn order is Premonition, which stops an enemy’s turn in its tracks. Win!


I can also praise how deferring to gain extra turns for your favourite characters, or those with strategic roles on some maps (hello Nagi and Agito!) always makes you feel like a genius strategist. But my favourite thing in terms of messing with the turn order is Sho’s highly-expensive but totally awesome ‘Daydream’ gift. Cast this, and as soon as your turn ends, it magically begins all over again. For the WHOLE team. Yeah, that’s amazing!


So, those are my favourite things about Lost Dimension. If you’re lucky enough to have played the game before in its PS3 or Vita incarnations, what are your favourite aspects of the game? Why not let us know in the comments below? :)

That’s it for this week but we’ll be back next week with more info on Lost Dimension and other Ghostlight stuff. Until then, have a great week! ^_^


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