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Some tips to curry favour with Sorcery Saga:

***SPOILER ALERT!!*** Note that this blog contains some tips on the game which can be considered spoilers if you want to learn as you go. You’ve been warned! ***SPOILER ALERT!!*** 

Sorcery Saga is a true roguelike so while the difficulty begins pretty low, it ramps up sharply in certain areas, and the RNG can produce very challenging scenarios, so you have to try not to get complacent, which is my usual cause of death. There are things you can do to mitigate against disaster, as follows: 

Use corridors!! 

Although there are two of these guys, the one on the right can't get me. ;) 

OK, so this tip is probably lesson #1 in Roguelike 101: don’t let yourself get surrounded. It’s pretty easy later on in the game, especially if you stumble on a monster room, to become surrounded by enemies – some of which can hit you from pretty far away! – during a expedition. You should always try and head back to a corridor if you are in danger of getting surrounded, because then you’re narrowing down the squares you can be attacked from. True, some distance-attackers could line up on you but for the most part your enemies want to close the distance on you and don’t behave all that sophisticatedly, so this is a great rule of thumb to live by. 

Put items in the vault (or in Kuu if you get the ‘’ skill.) 

Here I'm stuffing Kuu's 'pouch' (I guess?) with weapons to appraise back in Dish Town... 

Because you ARE going to encounter enemies that randomise your items, or make use of seals on ground that do likewise (if you’re a gambler and make use of red seals!) then sometimes your items will be randomised. You can prevent this by letting Kuu learn a skill that will allow him to hold items (presumably in his gut for regurgitation?), or by leaving them in your room in Dish Town if you can spare them. Better safe than sorry! On the subject of which: 

Don’t be afraid to go back to Dish Town. 

A Dish Town – my safe haven in a cruel-yet-curry-scented world! 

If you’re really under the hammer in a level, it’s usually better to head back to Dish Town than it is to die. Some items will allow you to return holding all the items you have (e.g. Transport Book) and there are giant seals on the floor in levels close to the boss battle in each dungeon that will also let you ‘cash out’ and return home safely. Better to take your time, craft your treasures into a powerful arsenal and do things the slow way! 

Use your Skills! 

Fire Skills don't hurt this gigantic shrimp. Time to wheel out ma' lightning. ;D 

Don’t forget your skills when fighting -particularly mid-level bosses and full bosses. It’s easy to forgo the using of skills, much like I am forever neglecting to use grenades during FPS sessions. They can be hugely helpful and some are great insurance policies: who would want to insure against death in a troublesome boss battle?! At the same time, don’t go mad with the skills and reach a dungeon’s final boss with nothing left in your Skills’ menu’s metaphorical ‘tank’. They’re there to be used and there are opportunities to top up the number of uses if you’re prepared/lucky. 

Pay serious attention to weapon abilities. 

Some might think a heart-shaped shield is kinda lame, but look and you'll see it gives 30HP boost. 

Some of the stuff you pick up will have properties attached to it, such as a large health boost or multi-square attack capabilities. Before ditching something, or throwing it into Kuu’s maw, check that its slots don’t have any cool abilities you could use when crafting a new weapon or shield. It’s a major bummer to throw good stuff away if you don’t need to… 

That's all for now, but since I've still got some more hints to share with you, I will be back soon with even more tips to help you out in Sorcery Saga, so see you next time! 

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