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Save 70% on the Steam version of Cubixx HD

Hi everyone. I’ve got some great news for those of you looking for a fast-paced arcade puzzle game on Steam. As Laughing Jackal’s brilliant Cubixx HD is currently discounted by an stunning 70%, leaving you paying just £1.79. The offer ends on Monday the 25th April, so make sure you hurry to the Cubixx HD Steam Store page to take advantage of this great deal.

While I might be a bit biased :), it’s not just me who loves Cubixx HD, One Up Gaming said “Cubixx HD is a wonderful reinvention of a retro style that has seen countless iterations over the years, while managing to define itself as its own title. With fast, addictive levels and visuals that mesh brilliantly with the energetic soundtrack, this is one game you can’t afford to miss.” In their 5 star review.

Meanwhile Defunct Games gave it a B+ saying “Just like the old school arcade games that inspired it, Cubixx HD is easy to pick up and impossible to put down.”

About Cubixx HD

Think you're ready to take on the cube? Well grab your Cubot & fire your laser across 50 Arcade levels, and see if you have what it takes to unlock the secrets within. To succeed you will need to evade and annihilate deadly enemies & use your lightning fast reflexes to the fullest! This is a journey where only the best will survive!

If this wasn’t enough your skills will be pushed to the limit in the brand new “Challenges” mode. Here you will find 50 bespoke challenges that will really test your new found Cubixx skills to the max. These Challenges will require you to chase the highest scores, beat the fastest times, outsmart the bad guys & much more!

On top of that there are over 150 leaderboards across the 3 brand new Attack modes. Including Score Attack, Line Attack & Time Attack. If all that isn’t enough then grab some friends & play up to 7 local multiplayer co-op, in Arcade & Attack modes or battle up against 7 of your worst enemies in Cubixx Deathmatch!

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