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Save 70% on Flame Over this week!

Hi everyone. I hope you all saw last week’s news that we’re bringing a JRPG to Nintendo Switch 

After that exciting bombshell, we’re feeling pretty hot, (on fire, you might say!) so what better way to cool down than to dash into a burning building? Now, while I don’t recommend doing this in real life, (fire is dangerous!) happily we have the perfect game to fulfil this burning ambition! 

Our awesome ‘squirt-em-up' firefighting roguelite, Flame Over, is discounted by 70% until the 27th August, so be sure to suit up on the Steam Store before venturing forth to rescue all the cats, and the office workers too I guess! 

Now you’re playing with fire! 

Blending top down ‘squirt ‘em-up’ action with roguelite RPG mechanics, Flame Over features fast-paced fire-fighting thrills, randomly generated levels and 4 deadly game zones. 

Guide fire-fighting hero, Blaze Carruthers, in a race against time and near-certain death! Squirt, splash and spray your way through all 16 floors of the deadly Infernal Industries building, combating ferocious fires in a red-hot adventure that changes every time. 

This game is ON FIRE! 

• It Burns! - Fight against a deadly dynamic fire system that spreads realistically. 

• Shop ‘til you Drop! - Find hidden items, equip powerups and upgrade Blaze to survive. 

• Be a Hero! - Rescue panicking people and cutesy cats to stay alive. 

• Never-Ending Emergency! - Thousands of room variations and secrets will keep you fired up… forever! 

“It can sit proudly with some of the best Roguelike games” 
9/10 – Game Style 

“Featuring tight controls, whimsical audio-visuals that belie a ruthless-but-fair set of game systems and a minute cost of entry, there remains little to say but get it while it’s hot.” 
9/10 – Coffee Break Gaming 

“As challenging as Spelunky… worth your time and cash” 
8/10 – Destructoid  

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