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Save 65% on the Agarest series

Hi everyone. Have you been craving an epic sprawling SRPG, taking place over multiple generations, with a fantastic battle system? Then I have some great news for you! We’ve discounted all of the bestselling Agarest series and their DLC by a massive 65%! 

This includes the brilliant value Agarest: The Complete Saga, which already offers a substantial saving over buying all the games separately. The deal lasts until the 13th August, so run over to the Steam Store to take advantage of these great deals, or simply follow the links below, to go directly to the games page. 

Agarest: Generations of War (regular price $14.99) 

Agarest: Generations of War Zero (regular price $19.99) 

Agarest Generations of War 2 (regular price $19.99) 

Agarest: The Complete Saga (regular price $44.99) 

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