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QA and Agarest: Generations of War Zero

Hi everyone,

Another week has just flown by and its Friday again!! Roll on the weekend :)

One of my followers on twitter (hi Belphegor86) mentioned recently that they were interested in hearing about our testing process and in particular about what I do all day. Well the big question I am asked especially when I tell people that I do testing at a video games company is "It must be great sitting there playing games all day?" - I wish. This is so far from the truth I don't know where to begin.

Lets look at Agarest.   I get given a build and the first thing I have to look at is Sony's Wonderfully lengthy TRC document.  The next 12 hours (it feels much longer) are spent ejecting the disc at just the right time, making and deleting saves, switching controllers into the most bizarre configurations I can think of, pulling out network cables, checking that buttons are displayed correctly in the game etc... etc...  and this before I even get to play the game. So I wish I was sitting around playing games all day.  Over the next few days I'll start writing a guide to the life of a QA person starting with part 1 on Friday next week.

In current news Agarest is with SCEE's FQA, all the printed parts have had approval from Idea Factory (thanks Damien :)) and SCEE. We're just waiting on lead times for manufacturing so we can put the pre-order link on the Ghostlight Store.

Enjoy your weekend everyone and if you have got anything you want to ask feel free to mention it on the comments or on my twitter account.



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Pepsi_Biofusion says:

Well Ross I'm sure you're hard work will provide us with a smooth glitch-free gaming experience, its very much appreciated. I saw what game-testers do in God of War 3... they were adamant it was the most repetitive and monotonous job in gaming, so I guess my question would be what keeps you motivated? (I know thats about you not Agarest but I'm curious none the less, if thats not too personal a question )
Keksus says:

This is what you have to do to play it before everyone else. I would love to switch places with you ... and I would do it for free. :P
anonxtr says:

release date?
Kotaro says:

This is exciting! Ross!!! What do u think about Zero compared to the the first? Also will we see any familar faces? from the future?
[GL] Ross says:

@Pepsi_Biofusion Thanks for the question. I've put it down to talk about in another blog. @Kerksus I may moan a bit but I do generally enjoy testing. It's just that particular question gets old after a while. @anonxtr We should have some more information on that for you soon. Keep an eye on the blog or my twitter for the latest news.
[GL] Ross says:

@Kotaro I really like it. The game looks a lot better in my opinion and the new animations are very good. I think my favourite change has been the addition of Vacation days which are something I'm planning on doing a blog about soon. The game is set well before the first but you do indeed come across some familiar faces. You are just going to have to wait and see who they are though.
Kotaro says:

Can`t wait. Surely u test it with other people. How does that work?
Hanzo says:

Why have you ignored the xbox 360 yet again with this game?? are you that far up sony's backside that you can see that alot of rpg fans want this series on xbox aswell? stop picking multiformat jrpg's up as exclusives to ps3 all the time you bunch of hacks!!!
[GL] Ross says:

@Hanzo Currently we don't have the necessary agreements in place to publish Agarest: Generations of War Zero on the 360. This is something that we are desperately trying to get sorted and are always talking with our contacts over at Microsoft.

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