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Persona 3 Portable (PSP) Collector’s Edition contents revealed! Awesome T-Shirt pre-order incentive!

Attention all P3P fans:

Great news – we can at last spill the beans on the forthcoming Collector’s Edition of the almighty Persona 3 Portable European release. Woohoo!

As well as a copy of the most awesome PSP game ever created, your purchase of the Collector’s Edition will get you all these goodies:

  • 48-page Hardback Art Book.
  • 6 limited-edition Artcards.
  • A3 Poster.
  • Special reversible Collector’s Edition Inlay.
  • All of the above wrapped up in a beautiful Slipcase featuring additional artwork.

Plus if you pre-order from the P3P website (going live next week!), you’ll get the added bonus of a limited and exclusive T-Shirt, a preview of which you can see below:

So, you can look forward to getting your hands on the most awesome RPG on PSP sometime in mid-to-late April. More precise details on the price and release date will be revealed very soon. Watch this space!

In the meantime, Fight the Shadows! :)


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Haseo says:

Splendid! Is it a bonus only valid for the UK, or also other European countries can receive the T-shirt?!
Adam Stockley says:

Holy Awesomesauce Cheers Ghostlight Pre-ordering when Avaiable! Can't wait how much does it all cost in GBP? Cheers!
Celedin says:

I already imported P3P from the US, but your LE is worth double dipping for! ;)
Belphegor86 says:

Awesome doesn't quite cover it! So glad I didn't import last year! Excellent job on the collector's edition guys - kudos on the packaging design choices (shame about the EU age rating tag though). Will pre-order as soon as available - can't wait to see what you have in store for ASZ now :D
Junpei says:

Sweet! Can't wait.
Alex says:

It's questionable why you'd use the old Persona 3 art for the cover instead of one involving the female main character from Persona 3 Portable. But this package really looks great! It's filled to the brim with goodies! I'll make sure to pre-order it on the website for the shirt. It would've been fun if there were some additional content to the actual game too. I was hoping we could at least hear "Heartful Cry" in it as an option when you can choose music in Tartarus. This package didn't disappoint, great job!
Ben says:

I'm seriously tempted to get this special edition, and i don't even have a PSP... And I've always wanted a Persona t-shirt, too (although i'm not too sure about it being grey. I can't help feeling dark blue of black would be better. Or maybe the same shade of blue as in the Velvet Room?)
angelyuki789 says:

Ghostlight I absolutely love you! I bought Persona 3 FES (so this will be my second buy of the game not the third :P) and I am definitely looking forward to the collector's edition. Also, would any other sites be getting the collector's edition? Like could I buy it from gamestation or do I have to buy the collector's edition straight from you?
Dave says:

Brilliant news and loving the collectables offered, just wondering if you know anything abut the PlaystationStore release? As a PSPgo owner I'm forced to miss out on the Collectors Edition but would love to know that they're being released sometime near each other?
Der Mann mit dem Plan says:

Habt ihr in dem Spiel endlich mal den Text und die gesprochenen Dialoge ins Deutsche übersetzt? Die Persona-Spiele verkaufen sich ja gar nicht schlecht hier. Wird nach den drei PlayStation2-Spielen echt mal Zeit für die Lokalisation. P.S.: Wie kann ich die Seite hier auf Deutsch stellen? Ihr veröffentlicht eure Spiele doch in Europa und nicht nur im vereinigten Königreich.
Julián says:

It looks pretty awesome! ^_^Thanks for this, Ghostlight. Will you bring P3P to Spain with subtitles in Spanish? I will buy the game, and I don't care if the full game is in english. But I guess I don't anything to lose with just asking, tehee... XP
carl says:

I really want just the game..But i am just grateful for you to be bringing it for us thank you
BH says:

Just curious if people who live in the United States will be able to order from the P3P website? I want the t-shirt!!
Kami says:

Great News, thank you SO MUCH! Pre-Order will be a must!
Kaishou says:

If the collector edition is within my purchase range for psp games (£23 to £30) I would definately invest in another copy (i got the import version + i loveeee goodies)
Chr1s says:

Can I get the T-shirt in Belgium or is it restricted to the UK?
Nic Archer-Scott says:

Is it possible to order the game from Australia in order to receive the shirt? Thanks!
[GL] Al says:

Morning all! Wow, thanks for all the feedback and we're really thrilled everyone's so pumped for the CE! I'll answer everyone's questions as soon as I can, having spoken to all the relevant people. More news on release and pricing soon too - just waiting on some submission related feedback before we can rubber stamp those dates. :D See ya later!
Merf says:

Awesome. I didn't import P3P (unlike Devil Survivor and SMT:SJ) since I didn't care much for Persona 3 (though the additions seem pretty interesting), that and I wanted to wait JUST in case we got a release here... Ghostlight, you did not disappoint. Can't wait to walk around town in that shirt and have absolutely NOBODY come up to me and say, "Oh, you play Persona too?". =P
Barts from BartsNews.Net and Polygami says:

I also am pumped for this! Got the US version, but hey, I like this game so much I will find some extra cash. - I have some questions though: - pricing and delivery cost (within EU) - also would suggest P3P box image on the cover, more like the US release (with new female hero), not like old PS2 releases - t-shirt would be great, but ugly grey? Please make it dark blue or black. Also, what about size?
Philip says:

I just want to say, although i love the items you have provided with the CE, i feel as if you are using 5 year old artwork whihc were based on the original Persona 3 game, rather than the Persona 3 Portable. For example, shouldn't the cover show the main male and NEW female protagonist instead of Yukari (the one in pink uniform). My suggestion is change the cover of the game box to the current US version (the one with the new female MC (main character, change the A3 poster image to soemthing P3P related, not P3 related. Hope this helps. Aprt from that, I will preorder the game as soon as possible.
madgirl says:

awesome ^^
[GL] Al says:

Hi all, Back again with my first round of answers to all your questions. Hope you don't mind the collective reply; I'd love to reply to each individual comment, but we just don't have the manpower! Anyway, those answers: A) You will be able to order the Collector's Edition of P3P in Belgium, Spain, Australia, France, etc. B) Anyone who preorders from the Ghostlight website in SCEE territories will be sent their t-shirt! :) C) Other websites will have the Collector's Edition of P3P available for sale but the t-shirt won't be included with pre-orders; that's a GHostlight exclusive. D) We can't sell from the Ghostlight store into the USA unfortunately. There ar all kinds of legal reasons why this is the case! :) E) We don't have a firm release for the PSN Store release yet. It will 100% happen, but we can't give you a firm release just yet I'm afraid. F) P3P will be sold with the game itself in English only, however we'll be selling into SCEE territories with French, Italian, German and Spanish inlays and manuals. Finally, there have been a load of comments about the greatness or otherwise of the t-shirt colour. I'll do a post shortly to allow you all to add your two cents to this debate. Bye for now. :)
angelyuki789 says:

Thank you! I shall definitely be buying from your site then! I can see it now, me walking into Gamestation with the t-shirt on, walking up to the guy behind the counter who has some of the games, and then me going "so...who's YOUR favourite character?" XD I shall always support you Ghostlight, you brought us Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2 after all ;)
Rikky-chan says:

Hi!! I totally want all this and the t-shirt *w* But this is my first time here and I don't know how to make the order or anything... can you help me, or also tell me the link where is explain everything? Sorry if I'm bothering you ^^" (And sorry for my bad english, too UwU")
Masamune says:

:) THANK YOU GHOSTLIGHT! We've been waiting so long for this, but you've made it totally worth it! XD Now I just need to decide where to buy it. I work at a video game shop, and therefore get a 25% discount on new release games. However...I reeeeaaally want that T-shirt. So if I got it off you guys, it would be like I'm paying 25% extra for the sake of a T-shirt...that I really want. Lol, decisions decisions! Any chance you could post a bigger picture of the Tshirt, so we can see exactly what we're getting? And do you know if it will be available in different sizes, or will it just be a Men's Large/Extra Large like most free gaming tees?
Asakk says:

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa i can't wait :D i'm also from Belgium and i will definitly buy it from your website, can't wait to have it! So if i understand well the pre orders will begin end of this week??
Sean says: has this listed for £26.85...I know you guys are posting a code on twitter to drop the price to £34.99, but hope you can drop it a little more!
[GL] Daren says:

Well, thanks to you all for your support. Without you we wouldn't be here. So to answer your queries since Al's reply yesterday. @Rikky-chan - Yesterday you wouldn't have been able to make a purchase as we didn't have the pre-ordering facility open. Well now it is. Just go to the Sony PSP page and you will see the game in the first slot. @Masamune - Well the decision as they say is yours, but you know what we are all thinking at the GL offices ;) (don't forget the code :) ) Currently the t-shirt will be a large. However if we receive enough preorders we might be able to provide an assortment of sizes. @Asak - Look in the Sony PSP section you can now pre-order @Sean - Sadly this is the way of the world. We have done what we can hence why we are providing the limited edition t-shirt and code for all you wonderful people :) The more support we get the more chance we have of bringing yet more high profile titles from Japan. Well I have just been told that the doors are open to the preorder That is all for now, bye. Daren
David says:

Okay, reservation is on it's way!
Andy says:

No orders to the US? Dammit...
Lexie C. says:

I was never happier then I am right now to have relatives living the UK. I'll give them a ring and tell them to expect a weird package under my name. I'll pick it up in September when I go to London! ::dances:: P3P is one of my favorite games (akihiko-senpai!!!) so it makes me excited to see extra specials! (its only my third copy, but who's counting?)
[GL] Al says:

Thanks for those preorders everyone. Hope you like once those packages finally arrive! :D
Solo says:

i want the t-shirt , but i'm not in Europe. :(
Meikuu says:

I recognized the English voice actors in the trailer, but you never know if you don't ask. Will the game have voice in Japanese? Or is it just English? Thank you in advance.
[GL] Ross says:

@Meikuu No problem. Unfortunately the game is English only.
ATLUSfan says:

Why do you use old Persona 3 arworks for the cover? Why not the actual Persona 3 Portable Cover? I will buy it anyway, but it bugs me, so I ask. But I thank you for the localization! I'm really happy about it ~
Mak says:

My game was sent yesterday ! so I'm happy :) Thanks again GL for the Europe localisation and the added T-shirt
Clothes says:

Big thanks

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