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Persona 3 Portable gets a PSN price and release date

Hi Everyone.  I’m back in the offices now after my little holiday :)  and straight away I’ve got some big news for everyone who’s been waiting for Persona 3 Portable on PSN.

I’m delighted to tell you that Persona 3 Portable will at long last be available on PSN from the 7th of September 2011 (which happens to be my birthday) for just £27.99 (€34.99).  The even better news is that if you’re quick, the game will be on sale for the first two weeks at the special promotional price of just £23.99 (€29.99)!  I know this is going to make a lot of my Twitter followers very happy as they’ve been asking me for months about this and it’s a pretty sweet birthday present for me :).

So go take a look at the game that is currently the 3rd highest rated PSP game on Metacritic that inspired Rpgamer to declare in their 5/5 review “Persona 3, RPGamer's RPG of the Decade, is at its greatest in Persona 3 Portable.”

That’s all for now but come back next week where I will be discussing the imminent release of Agarest: Generations of War Zero.

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Lozzy says:

Ive already got Persona 3 3 times lol. Im wondering if I should grab this version just so I can play as the heroine again. At that price, Id be mad not too!! And hope you had a fab holiday!
Barry Walsh says:

Just wondering if the copies of Agarest for pre-order have been delivered to you?
Pepsi_Biofusion says:

I hate to be "that guy" ... but Amazon has underpinned your price tag with its limited edition at 23 pounds or so, I know its not your fault but those whiney folk on the Playstation blog will have a field day with this :P ... better slip it in silently. Anyway have a good birthday and its allways cool to have a game you allways wanted released around your birthday, I just found out Binary Domain is out days before mine. PS-Cubix now downloading, shouldn't you mention it on your blog somepoint?
[GL] Ross says:

@Lozzy It was good thanks. I was going to go to Bloodstock but that never happened but still the break was nice. @Barry Walsh As far as I'm aware they have not turned up yet :( @Peps_Biofusion Wow that Amazon price is a bit of a bargain. We tend to talk about Laughing Jackal games such as the amazing Cubixx HD over on :)
Barts says:

I have to say it is a little on the expensive side... I mean I love the game, but once Vita hits the market, would love to continue playing on PSV, but sadly this is not possible with UMD copies, only PSN. So... are there chances for any discount coupons for the people who bought the Collector's Edition from Ghostlight?
Technochicken says:

Looooo Ross. Have they arrived yet? You know what I mean :p Xenoblade Arrived today aswell. And only a week left for deus ex 3 Woooooooo. Have a good weekend
[GL] Ross says:

@Barts I'll pass on your message. @Technochicken I haven't checked yet today but fingers crossed.
LOBO4000 says:

Just wondering are they there yet? Almost finished the original Agarest again just to wet the appetite.
Chaosprower says:

I have to admit it seems a little bit pricy to me. 34.99€ for a game with a FIVE MONTH DELAY without any sort of limited edition extra is a bit dissapointing. However, I have PSPgo, so I'm supposed to be THANKFUL at Sony for every delayed game released at a overpriced price. Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad at you, I'm just starting to hate Sony lately. At least If I'm quick I'll have 5€ off. Now I just have to hope Square Enix and/or Sony to release Kingdom Hearts BBS.
[GL] Ross says:

Hi everyone just got this email from our suppliers at 14:14 today " Due to a communication problem between the forwarder and the driver, the goods as per delivery note nr. xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx cannot be delivered today since the driver is at the incorrect place at the moment." We're not very happy with this either but we have been assured that the game will be delivered to us Monday.
[GL] Ross says:

Just to let you all know the Agarest: Generations of War Zero stock has arrived :)
LOBO 4000 says:

Sweet!!!!! So will they be shipped tomorrow for the pre-orders.
Technochicken says:

Woooo excellent. So I figure prob get my copy wednesday? Are they being sent out by courier or the 'always reliable' royal mail? I personally was a tad bit greatful of the slight delay. More xenoblade gametime :P Glad they arrived now though. Thanks ross
[GL] Ross says:

@Lobo 4000 Yes that's correct. @Technochicken We're using Royal Mail hopefully this delivery will work better then the shipment to us,
It's me says:

If I pre-order Agarest Zero, is it free delivery in th uk and when will I receive it? Also, do you still have the LE T-shirt left?
[GL] Ross says:

@It's me Thanks. Agarest Zero shipping is £1 in the UK and we will start sending out pre-orders today. We do still have a few T-Shirts left.
Zero says:

Just received my copy along with the t-shirt(Which I really like the design of). Unfortunately Deux Ex also came, plus I'm still playing through Xenoblade. Why do all the good games come out at once!
Foxfyre says:

Yey! Just got my copy of Aragest Zero today and I really wasn't expecting it so soon. What a nice surprise to come home to after working~
[GL] Ross says:

:) Nice to hear from more people who have got their game.
Jake says:

Will P3P be released on the Australian PSN? Thanks.
[GL] Ross says:

@Jake Unfortunately we are currently unable to publish P3P on PSN in Australia.
Ryan says:

This makes no sense - back in the comments here -> you stated that P3P would be released in Australia but retailers could not be found - why is this not available on Australian PSN?
CJ says:

Todays the 7th and I don't see it on the store ? Am I missing something ? Thanks.
[GL] Ben says:

@CJ - Don't worry, Sony usually update their store some time in the afternoon so it should be up later on today :-)
[GL] Daren says:

@Ryan Your question is very timely indeed as I have some good news. As I type this message I can tell you that a package is being prepared for the OFLC. Once we have the rating in place the game will be on sale (via PSN) in Australia and New Zealand. So if you keep an eye on the blog we will have a release date for you (and everyone else) very soon :)
Mc Fadge says:

Hi Daren, Regarding what you have just said about the game being released soon in Australia, will we have the bargain price for two weeks as well? I can see it being easily forgotten ;) Cheers.
[GL] Daren says:

@Mc Fadge I will check with the money men and find out for you. Don't worry it won't be forgotten :)

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