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Persona 2 Innocent Sin - What's in the Collector's Edition

Hi everyone,

Nick here with plenty of Persona news for you all!

Firstly, the big news is that as of yesterday, Persona 3 Portable is now available on the SCEE PSN store!  And what’s more, it’s currently on sale in a 2 week promotion for just £23.99, saving you £4.00 off the retail price.  So, if you haven’t already, there’s no better time to check out this award-winning game as soon as possible.

Now onto the even bigger news – Persona 2: Innocent Sin Collector’s Edition details!



Once you’ve taken a minute or two to feast your eyes above, have a look down here at all the juicy details. This stunning Collector’s Edition includes the following delights:

  • Special Collector’s Edition box
  • UMD box featuring a double sided inlay
  • Official Soundtrack CD with original and remixed soundtrack, as well as arranged songs by Shoji Meguro all packaged in a stylish slim jewel case with inlay
  • 6 Double Sided Art Cards featuring the work of Kazuma Kaneko on the front and Shigenori Soejima on the reverse
  • A3 Poster featuring the box art in all it’s glory
  • EXCLUSIVE Persona 2: Innocent Sin T-shirt when you pre-order from the Ghostlight store

The release date and price is still to be confirmed, but it’s here and it’s happening! Since Ross is on holiday (lucky for some) there’s no one here brave enough to scour the Ghostlight Vaults for more info just yet. But Ross will be back next week with an update, so keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook feeds.


All the best,


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Shiro says:

Oh wow, what a beautiful collection. SO RED. Do we at least think the release will be 2011?
Shinhen_voldo says:

Oh my god! Where can I pre-order this CE?
Setsugekka says:

Will this CE also be available in Germany via I'd love to have Innocent Sin in my collection, especially with that awesome poster!
dgnfly says:

plz announce a new game like queens blade psp game or fate-extra.
GMM says:

TiTS and P2 IS collectors editions coming out probably pretty close to eachother is going to hurt a lot of wallets. How about a combo deal? Oh and are you going through the numbers backwards and going to give us a collectors edition of Persona 1 next? Even though it's been on the PSN for a bit I think all the extras would make it sell quite a bit and people that want still want physical copies would buy it too.
Sera says:

Awesome! I adore the t-shirt and I've always wanted a P2 one, but I wish you would consider us girls when you make them. The Persona 3 Portable t-shirt absolutely swamped me and there was no way I could wear it (except maybe as pyjamas!) Even a mens small/medium would fit me and other females at least a little better. Then again, I'll buy anything to do with P2, so it wont stop me being first in line. Can't wait to pre-order it :-)
Lozzy says:

This is a MUST BUY for me. I love you guys for all these awesome collectors editions :) Cant wait till I can get my mitts on it!!
Alkaid says:

Argh damn it where the hell should I get all that money! You guys make me want to rob a bank while eating! A slim Jewel case? like plastic, a real one?? >__>'' OW MY GAWD DAMN IT Ghostlight... I want to hug you... and I want that shirt though I'm not even able to pre-order it from your shop since I do not have a credit card! ARGH *headdesk*
technochicken says:

Great news. Any idea when its going to be available to pre order? This is a day one purchase for me. Im playing through p1 again at the moment. god its old skool hard. at the harem queens shopping mall at the moment. @GMM have you tried ebay? Thats where I got my copy from, admittedly that was about a year and half ago but worth a shot. I got a brand new LE copy for £40
Phi says:

Excellent! Ghostlight releases are always better than the Atlus ones! :D Cheers!
Barry Walsh says:

I have to ask have Ghostlight any interst in Grand Knights History?
Cam says:

this is oDay one buy for me too
Andrefpvs says:

There should be a way for people who buy the digital version to pay a premium and get this stuff... I'm buying the PSN version so I can play on the Vita as well when it comes out ;_; Can something be arranged?
[GL] Daren says:

Hi everyone. Thanks for all your comments on this. As soon as we can open the pre-order gates we will let you all know. @Barry Walsh - Nothing on the horizon yet, but...@GMM Sorry, no plans for a combo deal @Andrefpvs I understand, but the only way to get the goodies is to buy the physical copy.
[GL] Daren says:

@sera Sadly the only way we can offer the T's is to make them in one size. We wish would could cater for everyone but alas...
Mark says:

When are you going to release Agarest Zero DLC on PlayStation Store? Please hurry up. Thanks :D
tanuki says:

so beautiful! count on me to buy it!
Foxfyre says:

Holy, you guys are spoiling us! I cannot wait to get my paws on this, it looks amazing! *is very excited now!*
Klaudkil says:

so this is for the EU? awesome! Also try and localize more psp jrpg or other genre's from japan there are soo many!
Liquid90 says:

The soundtrack cd contains all the tracks or only 10 like in the USA??
Tom H says:

How many tracks are featured on the soundtrack CD?
Tom says:

hummuna hummuna hummuna. Do you guys accept paypal?
Sam says:

Hey Ghostlight, I just wondered if the PSN and Digital copies will be released simultaneously? Keep up the good work, loving P3P!
Kion says:

Will P2 get a PSN release? Please say yes!!!!
SMT fan says:

so xlent! are you able to ship to the US yet? if not, what can we do if we want a CE? thx.
KoolZoid says:

Must have. Absolutely must have. Curious as to how many tracks are on the CD though. Can you tell us?
Amy says:

Wow, I didn't know this would come so soon!! Again you have reminded me why Ghostlight is in my top five fave game companies, and a UK one none the less! Thank you so much, all I have to do is get permission from my mum ( haha :P ) to pre-order again to get the T-shirt. P.S. Tatsuya looks great on it!! :D
Barbie_Boy says:

nice! I won't even buy a imported american version this time. that t-shirt is going to look awesome on me.
Lynas says:

Will both Trails in the sky and Persona 2 be available to download on PSN at the same time as the retail release?
fardamucho says:

Awesome. Ghostlight, thank you for supporting PSP. Day one buy. (Barry Walsh, i'm also very interested in Grand Knights History :))
Vanilla says:

Can't wait for this! I'm hoping the release date comes soon. How big are the shirts usually? I'm thinking about getting this off the GL store if the shirt isn't massively oversized.
tom says:

please hurry with persona 2 limited edition , i was going to import but the t shirt i can get here sways the deal
Sploder says:

Have my babies
Remy says:

It's another great Collector's Edition you guys decide to give us. Thank you very much! And even though I'll be getting the US Collector's Edition at the end of this month, I'll be sure to but the EU version as well! And, one more question... do you plan on releasing Agarest: Generations of War 2 at some point in Europe? I know you guys must be working on that. Because, hey, you can't release half a franchise, now can you? :) Everything else you at Ghostlight do, I can only respect. Now if only I'd find a female who's as big a fan of you guys as I am... =) Sera, maybe? ;)
Seishoujyo says:

US Version canceled. You made my day with the t-shirt (Tatsuya's version yaaay) and the poster thanks guys ^^
Sean says:

Please let us ship this to USA!
MarcoF says:

Will there be a release in Australia? I am a big fan of the Megami Tensei series but hardly anything gets released outside of Japan and USA. That's why I was glad when you guys decided to publish P3P even though I already had the US version. But it never got a release in Aus and it still isn't on the Aus PSN. I don't want P2 to follow the same path. I'm hoping for a retail release in Aus. I can understand if that doesn't happen but at least put it on the Aus PSN store.
Mestre says:

Wow! I want one for me!! I waited so long to play Persona 2 and now it will be possible. Finally... The only thing I need is a release date!
[GL] Daren says:

Hi everyone. Thanks for the comments. Sorry I haven't been able to respond immediately but Ross is still away on hols. So to your questions: 1) Yes the CD has the same 10 tracks as the U.S. version 2) The PSN version will be a little after the retail box :( Not sure how long, stick with us for more details 3) The t-shirt will be a Large 4) We cannot ship to the U.S. sorry 5) Agarest 2... maybe, watch this space 6) As P3P is getting a release it could happen I haven't had it confirmed yet. Thanks for the great comments we really appreciate it :)
Takehaniyasubiko says:

Send me one. I promise to pay you back as soon as I find a job. I need my P2 so badly... :CRY:
Judqement8 says:

Awesome! That's it, I'm gonna pre-order as soon as possible. Seriously looks as awesome as the P3P CE (if not even more awesome with the OST).
spac3cow6oy says:

Awesome special editon, but I wish you were able to offer the t-shirts in smaller sizes. That large would absolutely swamp me. :(
Strife says:

Yeah. You should at least offer Medium sized t-shirts. I was so dissapointed by the P3P sizes. :(
Foxfyre says:

Oh lordy no, I need the large size to fit over my boobs! Remember, even if it's a bit too big you guys can still wear it..if it's too small a lot of people won't be able to :x
Judqement8 says:

@Strife: Well my "normal" size is M but the L wasn't way too big or anything. Fits fine for me >_>
[GL] Ross says:

Hi everyone. You might have thought you were rid of me for good but I'm back again :). I hope Daren and Nick have been looking after you all.
Sera says:

I've solved my size issue - I'm going to have a go at altering the t-shirt myself :D I wonder if my rusty sewing skills are up to the job? Red is my favourite colour and Tatsuya is my favourite Persona character, so I can't pass it up!
Farhan says:

Is this game being released in the uk then because if it is life has just turned up :)
Zeispharn says:

For all who, like me, are waiting for the DLC to start their real playtrough of Agarest Zero: nothing appear yesterday, welcome in a new week of wait...
[GL] Ross says:

@Farhan Yes the game is being released in the UK :) @Zerispharn I'm still chasing for news on the Agarest DLC but I'll announce it as soon as I find something out.
ricbeau says:

Hi, will you ship to Spain?
rokuso3 says:

Yes, I ask the same as ricbeau. Will it be distributed in Spain? And will it be available on your store to ship to Spain? I really want that T-shirt. Thanks!
[GL] Ross says:

@ricbeau and @rokuso3 It depends on what agreements we have in place with our distributors. I've sent off an email so I'm hoping to find out soon.
FX102A says:

Looks ace, you've proven yourself once again as being a publisher that knows and cares for its fans. Definitely buying on release date; however I'm an XL-man myself so I'll be supporting my local independent store. With all the SMT-love you guys are dishing out, I hope you get the rights to DS Overclocked & P4 Gold in the future.
Sean says:

Too bad no shipping to US. You guys did it for P3P CE, so why the sudden change?
capell says:

Hi, will you ship to Germany?? I've just seen that your distributor has some issues selling your stuff to fans in Germany...But I really want that T-shirt T-T It's just too beautiful to resist
Tim says:

Do you guys ship to the Philippines?
[GL] Ross says:

@FX102A Glad you like it. Thanks for the support. @Sean As far as I'm aware we've never shipped to the US. @Capell & Tim We ship to everywhere in the PAL region unless agreements with our distributors prevent it.
Toki says:

Do you ship you Australia?
Henry Bellis says:

Ghostlight you have made my year! after seing deep silver push back catherine till 2012. So... when can i give you all my money's?
[GL] Ross says:

@Toki Yes we do :)
[GL] Ross says:

@Henry Bellis We're going to be announcing a date soon hopefully. So keep your eyes on our Blog, Facebook or Twitter.
Henry Bellis says:

Persona 2 Fan says:

will this game come to New Zealand as well????
[GL] Ross says:

@Persona 2 Fan I'm pleased to say we do ship to New Zealand :)
Persona 2 Fan says:

Thank You So Much!!!!!! XD

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