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News on P3P and Agarest Zero

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to another Friday blog.  This one might even go up on Friday *fingers crossed*.  Sorry about the lateness of last week’s blog. I had to rush off to a gig in London.  I saw Mael Mordha upstairs at the Garage and they were excellent :).

Of course that’s not the only thing that has happened since the last blog and I actually have some big news for you guys.

First up, I’ve been inundated with questions about when Persona 3 Portable will be coming to PSN.  The solution to this was obvious, so I decided to get out my super thief kit and break into the Ghostlight Vaults where all Ghostlight’s secrets are hidden.

After descending from the ceiling to avoid the pressure sensitive floor, I knocked the guards unconscious and proceeded to swim through the crocodile pool.  Unfortunately, I was caught when I broke the laser trip wire.  This meant I had to try Plan B, so I did. I asked my boss.

While the exact details of the release date may still be hidden in that vault, here is what I did manage to pick up:

“While we would like to bring P3P to PSN as soon as possible, we have commitments to our retail partners which mean we cannot release it as quickly as we would like.  However, having seen all the comments and questions from everyone we are looking into ways of bringing the game to PSN much sooner than originally planned.  We will also try our best to do a dual-release of boxed and PSN games in the future.”

So, while I do not yet have a release date to give you I can tell that we are now preparing the resources for the PSN release.

In other news I saw a very nice email from the wonderful people at Sony this morning.  I’m delighted to tell you that Agarest: Generations of War Zero has now passed submission!  Stay tuned, because more details on how to pre-order and get the stylish Agarest T-Shirt should be coming soon.

There’s no Q&A this week, but as always keep the questions coming either in the comments here or over at my Twitter and I’ll be back soon with more news.


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Pepsi_Biofusion says:

I gotta admit I laughed at the first two paragraphs :P Anyway good to see Sony approved Agarest... the amount of announcements coming left-right-and centre from Sony you'd have thought they would be too busy... 'cept for Agarest... of... course... Anyway as release is now impending could you possibly give vague details as to what DLC may be on offer? Will those of us annoying trophy hunters (thats the kindest word I can think of) like myself who avoided the first game (shame on me) be able to purchase characters from the first game for example (I believe thats possible in Japan but don't quote me as wiki's not all-realiable) Oh and would there be any chance of PSN Avatars or themes based on Agarest, there just arn't enough Avatars and I'd love an Agarest one, regardless of what people would think of me :P (you can probably tell I'm running out of ideas for questions, sorry 'bout that)
[GL] Ross says:

@Pepsi_Biofusion There is DLC on offer for Agarest. I had to work through the list a few weeks back. I'll probably try to talk a bit more about it in another blog if thats ok.
Lauren says:

I cant pre order Agarest till next Friday on payday :(
SolBalmung says:

Well, If I may ask question about Agarest Zero, uum can you please tell me why didn't you ever consider release of the Xbox360 version? I'm a hardcore RPG fan and been wishing that you would release Zero on the 360 unlike the first Agarest, as I only own a PAL Xbox 360 but you didn't....Why T-T !!!
Jordan Purdon says:

Yes i can't for P3P to come on the eu psn now especially since it is sooner but i just hope there will be a specific date soon cause i can't wait to get P3P and play it.
Matt says:

Hi. Not sure if your aloud to answer this but I've been wondering something for a while. Alot of the DLC for Agarest were basically cheats or boosts if you like do alot of people actually download these? do you get good download numbers?
Robert says:

Will the Australian Playstation Store get Persona 3 Portable?
Pell says:

Really excited for Agarest. Ross with the first game you had to play on the hardest dufficulty to unlock everything. Does this mean the same for Zero? If we want to get everything do we have to play hard?
ExServ says:

Hi, thanks for this news, i'm a french retail store manager, and i'm a psp go owner (yeah that's somewhat weird but i like that device) and i've received the collectors edition of p3p... i can't wait for the psn release, will buy it as soon as possible, and i'm also thinking about getting the boxed game as its really good looking :) i hope future of psn release will feature bundle, i'd like to buy retail version and get a code for the psn game, it's the way pc game is working, and i think it's great, do you have any plan toward this distribution method ? best regards, and i apologize for my english ExServ.
[GL] Ross says:

@SolBalmung Currently we don't have the necessary agreements in place to publish Agarest: Generations of War Zero on the 360. This is something that we are desperately trying to get sorted and are always talking with our contacts over at Microsoft. @Jordan Purdon Keep an eye on our blog or on the Twitter feed for the latest news. @Matt and @Robert I'll check and get back to you guys later. @Pell There is actually only one difficulty setting on Agarest zero so its not an issue. @ExServ I'm glad you like the Collectors Edition. I'll pass your suggestion onto my boss.
[GL] Ross says:

Ok I'm back again. I managed to get the answers quicker than I thought I would :)@Matt thanks for your message obviously I can't give you exact numbers but I can tell you that the DLC for Agarest: GOW is definitely worthwhile for us. It seems that everyone who owns a copy of Agarest and GOW has purchased a slice of the download content. We are hoping that Agarest: Generations of War Zero will do the same if not better :) @Robert sadly P3P will not be getting a release in Australia.
SolBalmung says:

Thanks for the answer Ross. I was selfishely thinking that Ghostlight was ignoring the Xbox360 owner but what you said cleared that. So can I have a bit of hope that there is a chance that you'll release AWZ on the Xbox360?
Airules says:

Oh man! So not too long for p3p then? As a pspgo owner I just wish it could be released tomorrow! Soon I hopes
[GL] Ross says:

@Airules I hope not. I hope we'll have some more news for you soon.

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