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Mugen Souls Z is out now!

Hi everyone,

The day has finally dawned and Mugen Souls Z is out now on Steam for just $19.99 with a 20% launch discount! You can check the game out at its store page right here.

Yes, Mugen Souls Z has arrived, meaning you can finally take control of Syrma, Chou Chou and a huge ensemble cast including all your favourites from the original Mugen Souls, plus a host of new heroes, demon lords and other mysterious characters to get to know.

If this is all news for you, let me explain a bit more about the game:

Mugen Souls Z is a JRPG featuring multi-layered and hugely entertaining turn-based tactical combat, a huge array of skills, weapons, equipment and items to enhance, level up and use against hundreds of different enemy types.

Throw in a far out and hilarious plot, dozens of worlds to conquer, powerful character creation facilities, huge amounts of customisation and a 100-level Mugen Field to power through, and it’s clear that Mugen Souls Z is a dream-come-true for JRPG enthusiasts!

We can’t wait to hear about your experiences with the game, so feel free to stop by the Mugen Souls Z Steam Community Hub and share your thoughts with us.

Until then here are some critical highlights from the game’s original release on PS3:

“There is still a tremendous amount of depth to be found here, with a hundred floors to    conquer in the Mugen Field; a wide    assortment of jobs to unlock to make new characters for      your party; multiple endings; and plenty of features to unlock that adds up to hundreds of    hours of game time.” – 9/10 - RPG Site

“Mugen Souls Z represents a valiant effort and shows bounding improvements over its    predecessor.” – 82% - RPG Fan

“The game is still hilarious good fun.” – 4/5Digitally Downloaded

So, check the game out and we’ll see you back on the blog next time.

Thanks everyone! :)

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