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Mugen Souls Z is coming to Steam this week!

A HUGE hello to everyone!

Are you excited?  Well, I certainly am because, as we announced in last week’s blogpost, Mugen Souls Z will be coming to Steam this Thursday!  While Mugen Souls Z is a great jumping on point if you haven’t played the original Mugen Souls, it also brings a wealth of improvements to the series for those of you who are looking to continue Lady Chou-Chou’s quest to conquer absolutely everything :).  If you’d like to check out the differences from the 1st game, then I’d definitely recommend checking out Al’s blog on just that subject.

As you might expect, I’m convinced that Mugen Souls Z is an absolutely brilliant game which you’ll all love.  However, some of you might be thinking that there’s a small chance that I may in fact be a touch biased :)  Unlikely I know, but just in case that thought had crossed your mind, I thought I’d show you what the reviewers had to say about Mugen Souls Z:

RPG Site  gave it 9/10 saying “There is a still a tremendous amount of depth to be found here, with a hundred floors to conquer in the Mugen Field; a wide assortment of jobs to unlock to make new characters for your party; multiple endings; and plenty of features to unlock that adds up to hundreds of hours of game time.” 

Meanwhile in their 82% review, RPGFan said “Mugen Souls Z represents a valiant effort and shows bounding improvements over its predecessor.”

Also, in their 4/5 review, Digitally Downloaded said “The game is still hilarious good fun.”

I know some of you will be interested in what we’ve done with the DLC from the console release, and I’m pleased to be able to tell you that it will all be available for the Steam launch, including some DLC that was previously unavailable in the West.

As usual, a very sizeable portion of the DLC will be available absolutely free and will come with the Steam version - you can check out the full list of free DLC here.  Meanwhile we have packaged the individual paid DLC items from the console version into bundles which have been significantly discounted over the console DLC, and you can see the full details of the paid DLC here.

If you’re planning on picking up Mugen Souls Z either upon release or at a later date, and quite frankly why wouldn’t you be :), then I would definitely recommend heading over to the Mugen Souls Z Steam Store page.  This will mean that, depending on your Steam settings, you should receive a notification when the game is released and ready to purchase.

And since there are still a few days to release, you could always pick up the original Mugen Souls or one of the other games in the Ghostlight Steam catalogue to keep you busy in the meantime. :)

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