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Mugen Souls Z - Free DLC breakdown

Hi everyone,

With Idea Factory’s Mugen Souls Z now even closer to release, I thought it was about time to reveal how the various DLC items will be released. As usual with our JRPG Steam releases, we’ve grouped up individual DLC items into themed bundles and discounted them heavily over their PS3 equivalents, meaning its far cheaper and much less hassle for your to acquire the DLC than it has been before.

As there are more than 20 DLC bundles to be released, I’ll be splitting this information across two blog posts: one for free DLC and the other for the paid DLC bundles.

First up, here’s a list of all free DLC bundles to be released. Underneath each one I’ve listed the various DLC packs* contained within that bundle:

Starter Clothing Bundle – Price: Free!

Includes: Exciting Coordination, Thrilling Coordination, Merry Coordination, Jolly Coordination, Black Servant Set, Vert’s Delusional Sisters Costume Set, Overwhelming Game’s Triple Goddess Costume Set.

Ultimate God Supply Bundle – Price: Free!

Includes: Ultimate God Supply Pack 1, Ultimate God Supply Pack 2, Ultimate God Supply Pack 3, Ultimate God Supply Pack 4.

Jiggly Co. Equipment Bundle 1 – Price: Free!

Includes: Jiggly Co. Equipment Pack 1, Jiggly Co. Equipment Pack 2, Jiggly Co. Equipment Pack 3, Jiggly Co. Equipment Pack 4, Jiggly Co. Equipment Pack 5, Jiggly Co. Equipment Pack 6.

Jiggly Co. Equipment Bundle 2 – Price: Free!

Includes: Jiggly Co. Equipment Pack 7, Jiggly Co. Equipment Pack 8, Jiggly Co. Equipment Pack 9, Jiggly Co. Equipment Pack 10, Jiggly Co. Equipment Pack 11, Jiggly Co. Equipment Pack 12, Jiggly Co. Equipment Pack 13.

Starter G-Up Bundle – Price: Free!

Includes: Overwhelming G-Up Pack 1, Overwhelming G-Up Pack 2.

Starter Ticket Bundle – Price: Free!

Includes: Overwhelming Ticket Set.

Battle Bundle 1 – Price: Free!

Includes: Electrocution Battle, Jiggly Shampoo Battle, Wild Witch Battle, Smoky Battle.

Battle Bundle 2 – Price: Free!

Includes: Undisputed Ragnarok, The 1st Ultimate War, The 2nd Ultimate War, The 3rd Ultimate War.

Starter Point Pack Bundle – Price: Free!

Includes: Overwhelming Point Pack 1, Overwhelming Point Pack 2.

* Note that each of the packs contains several individual items. For details on the contents of each pack, I recommend looking at the excellent Mugen Souls Z Wikia’s DLC page, found here:

As you can see, there’s an awful lot of content available before you even consider the paid DLC bundles available! The good news is that you’ll soon be able to get your hands on Mugen Souls Z, as it’s released soon. Until then, stay tuned to the Ghostlight website and social media pages for more news on all things Mugen Souls Z related.

Bye! :)

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