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Mary Skelter: Nightmares - About Blood Maidens

After my last blog post explaining the basics of the game you’ll encounter once you’ve purchased Mary Skelter: Nightmares, here’s a two part breakdown of the Blood Maidens you’ll control throughout the game. Not all of these ass-kicking ladies are available from the off and you’ll be able to change their jobs to build varied skill sets as you progress, but I hope the following gives you a little insight into their skills and abilities during the earlier parts of your creeped-out dungeoneering adventure.

Let’s get started!


Alice is Jack’s childhood friend and fellow prisoner within Jail. Once she’s freed by Red Riding Hood she discovers that she’s a Blood Maiden in her own right.

Alice’s Blood Ability is called ‘Rabbit Hole’ and allows you to place a single save point anywhere, which is a brilliant inclusion for the more cautious player (and something I recommend!) Even better, the save point can be used as a warp to escape the current dungeon and return home to the Liberated District.

Alice starts off as a Fighter by trade, and she begins with some useful skills. Water Attack proves highly useful in the game’s first dungeon as it attacks the most common elemental weakness in that area. When assigned as a partner, she has a chance to counter attack when her partner is hit.


Red Riding Hood

The first Blood Maiden encountered during your play through of the game RRH is a high-energy soul, and often rushes into situations before thinking things through. Her impetuousness often alarms her teammates. ;)

Red Riding Hood’s Blood Ability is called ‘Body Nipper’ and uses giant scissors to break through chain-link fences, manipulate giant screws and cut power lines within the Jail. Especially early on, if you’re stuck and can’t seem to advance it’s worth trying Body Nipper on dungeon features to see what happens.

Red Riding Hood’s starting job is as a Libero and focuses on elemental attacks and support skills. She’ll be your first healer, so you’ll rely on her during the first dungeon, in particular (EX Helia is your first all-party healing skill), and Fire Attack provides an early opportunity to exploit Marchens weak to the Fire element, which you’ll encounter later in the first dungeon.


Snow White

True to her inspiration, Snow White is a good-hearted and kindly character who wants to look after everyone. As well as an aversion to mirrors, Snow White’s other problem is a lack of confidence and a clumsiness that can often cause problems, despite her best intentions.

Snow White’s Blood Ability is called ‘Poison Bomb’ and can be used to destroy cracked walls that block your progress and to poison plant material that may be in your way. You’ll need to stay clear of the blast otherwise you’ll take damage, or even get poisoned yourself!

Snow White’s starting job is as a Scientist and she’s great at punishing the Marchens with ailments and is great at buffing allies’ abilities, especially earlier on in the game. She can nullify physical and magical attacks completely with skills like Attack Block and Skill Block.


Sleeping Beauty

A girl of very few words, Sleeping Beauty prefers communicating by nods and monosyllabic responses when she can get away with it. When the group are in the dungeons, though, her skill with a bow gets the job done!

Sleeping Beauty’s Blood Ability is called ‘Rose Arrow’ and allows you to remotely trigger switches and other features up to 7 squares ahead of you, allowing you to trigger doors, etc, from a distance or across impassable areas.

Sleeping Beauty’s starting job is as an Archer and she is your first change to inflict Lightning elemental damage, as well as providing a good early multi-target skill in the form of Amber Red.



Despite her diminutive size Thumbelina is extremely feisty and can be cutting, especially when questioned by Jack, with whom she frequently finds fault. Underneath it all she’s probably a sweetheart. ;)

Thumbelina’s Blood Ability is called ‘Tiny Princess’ and can be used to shrink certain items in your possession to your advantage. Some items perform better when they’ve been shrunk, but you’ll need to experiment. You can return items to normal size by using Tiny Princess again, but your consumable will remain tiny, so take care!

Thumbelina’s starting job is as a Magician and she has early access to a TON of elemental attacks, including your first chance to attack with Earth in the form of Sandstorm. You can also employ a sneaky approach in higher-level dungeons using her Stealth skill!

That’s all for now, I’ll be back next weel with part two of this blog, but until then why not follow us on our Twitter and Facebook pages, our Youtube Channel and our Instagram account, where we’ll be posting all the latest news from Ghostlight.

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