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Lost Dimension character breakdown: Sojiro Sagara and Zenji Maeda

Hi everyone,

Before I begin this week's character breakdown, I've got some great news for anyone who hasn't picked up Way of the Samurai 4 yet, as it has been chosen to be part of the Humble Encore Sale, meaning that the fantastic 60% discount will be extended until the 29th May.  Giving you another chance to pick up this brilliant game, for less than half price!

In last week's Lost Dimension character breakdown I wrote about what I consider to be Mana and Nagi’s best skills.  This week, Sojiro Sagara and Zenji Maeda step into the spotlight.  These are two of the more interesting, unconventional characters in Lost Dimension, so it’s fun to look at their skills in a bit more depth, as I hope to do now ;)

First up, here are my pick of Sojiro’s skills.

As the game’s lone healer it’s useful to unlock as many of his skills as you can, as quickly as you can.  Why's that?  Well, if he’s picked as a traitor you'll want to be able to carry as many of them on with you as possible; especially Rejuvenation.  Anyhow, here are my thoughts:

·         Strike of Samael: This has a chance to insta-kill and is not too GP intensive.

Also, when playing against enemies of a lower level the chances of a kill seem to rise dramatically, which makes grinding less of a, well, grind ;)

·         Revive: Life Packs are VERY expensive in Lost Dimension, so this skill is well worth having, particularly later, when things start getting tough.

             Then again, you could always hold out for…

·         Rejuvenation: This is a bit of a cheat, since it’s not a direct ‘purchase’ on the skill tree, but it is unlocked by unlocking other skills first.

Still, this is incredibly useful as everyone benefits from maxed out GP and full health.  It’s a very expensive skill, but can really pull it out of the bag and works on all characters at all ranges.  Superb.

·         Cell Mutation: One of my favourite skills in the game because it’s passive and the chances of binding or poisoning an enemy with a regular attack are high when it’s maxed out.

When you consider that even assist attacks carry these effects, this is a great passive skill.

Sojiro is one of those characters where it really pays to unlock as many skills as possible in the briefest time possible, then focus on boosting the ones you like later.  He’s somewhat unconventional as is our next subject, Zenji: a loud-mouthed chameleon who’s best used to complement the others.

See below for my thoughts on his best skills:

·         Charged Link: This means that, when linked with an ally, your stats are boosted beyond their own, giving you a very handy increase to any ‘short falling’ stats of his.

·         Reversal: Handy this - if Zenji is attacked while he has status ailments, he can project them back on to his attacker.

Given that he can have healing status projected onto him from a linked character, you can use him as a kind of ‘ailment bait’ for enemies and be confident he won’t die in the process.

·         Ability Link: This is an essential skill. No, really… It is.  It only costs 1 skill point and means you’ll have access to all your linked ally’s powers.

             This can give you access to 2 healers, or 2 tanks – the benefits are obvious. ^^

·         Full Helix: Probably my favourite of Zenji’s skills. This gives everyone in the party a boost to STR, VIT and PSY stats, regardless of distance from Zenji.

             Well worth it, especially if he’s away from the action.

Zenji is best looked on as a bridging/enabling character, a bit like Yoko (more on her next week!)  His Brutality skill can push healing and other effects on to other characters and means you can extend item usage to distant characters, using him as a bridge.  Some of these perks may not be apparent in your initial run through the game – underestimate Zenji at your peril!

Next time I’ll be back with a look at Marco and Yoko’s skills. See you then! :)

(Blog written by Ghostlight Ltd.  All screenshots are taken from the PS3 version of Lost Dimension.)

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