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Lost Dimension character breakdown: Marco Barbato and Yoko Tachibana

Welcome back to my series of Lost Dimension character breakdowns. Last week we investigated the strengths of Sojiro and Zenji, two of the more unusual characters. This time we’re hanging out with Marco Barbato, who is a telekinetic, tank-like character, as well as the group’s resident empathic psychic, Yoko Tachibana. These two have some pretty awesome skills and are well worth ranking up, as you’ll find out below.

Let’s start with Marco. Along with Mana and George, he’s a tank-style character, though a bit more fragile to begin off with.

In the end, though, I think he’s probably the more dangerous of the three. While initially something of a glass cannon, he makes up for this with skills that minimise or negate damage altogether. Here are some of my favourites:

·         Stay Back!: This is one of the very earliest area-attack skills you’ll unlock and for me one of the coolest looking ones early in the game.

It will affect your teammates, so it needs careful use, but will see you through early group encounters and it upgrades well.

·         Not This Time!: As readers of previous entries in this series will know, I love passive skills in games! This is a great one, as it gives a chance to totally negate damage from enemy attacks, with no action required from you.


It's a real winner for a guy who’s effective up close – this really encourages you to 'tank it up'!

·         I’ll Get You!: My favourite of Marco’s skills (I love all skills that have a chance to insta-kill. Who wouldn’t?)

Rank this baby up and you’ll cut a swathe through your foes. Plus, it’s not too GP expensive, which is a real bonus.

·         Destroy Them!: I included this one as it’s a real ‘do or die’ skill. It’s hugely expensive and takes you to the brink of insanity, but I like berserking Marco, since he’s such a hard hitter.

On maps where the team is split this can be kind of valid. Send him off alone to go nuts on a larger enemy, deploy Destroy Them! and watch him berserk-kill the enemy next turn. That said, this could just as easily backfire, but risks are fun, right? ;D

Now we’ll move on to Yoko who I initially dismissed as not particularly useful, what with me being more of a direct-combat kind of guy.

But I was so wrong. In the right hands, Yoko can provide devastatingly good help to her teammates. Here are my favourite of her skills:

·         Demotivation: A great debuffing skill to employ on tough ‘boss type’ enemies, after which you can get the rest of the gang to wail on them.

A nice early-stage acquisition.

·         Psychotherapy: Great for those times when you’ve got SAN-sapping skills that you can’t wait to redeploy. Gives a boost to an ally’s SAN meter and means you needn’t worry about using up previous SAN-restoring items.

As Yoko’s own attacks aren’t powerful, she’s a character who’s better off boosting her allies, so this needn’t be a pain.

·         Brain Hacker: I’m cheating here, as this is a skill that’s unlocked as a Materia by acquiring other skills.

That said, Brain Hacker gives all team members (regardless of range) a boost to ALL stats, so it’s a total beast of a skill.

·         Noise Blaster: A great area attack, as it has a chance to confuse all enemies in range, without affecting any allies mixed in with them. Better still, if you use it again, it’ll deal higher damage to enemies who are already confused.

It’s also cheap for its power, so it’s a real win-win skill and probably my favourite of Yoko’s abilities. It’s acquired fairly late, so you may need to plan ahead in order to grab it on your first couple of runs.

So, there we have it – Marco and Yoko explained! Next week I’ll be back with our final character breakdown blog, where I look at Agito and George's skills. We are nearly there… See you then!

(Blog written by Ghostlight Ltd.  All screenshots are taken from the PS3 version of Lost Dimension.)

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