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Lost Dimension character breakdown: Agito Yuuki and George Jackman

In our previous and penultimate Lost Dimension character breakdown, we looked at Marco and Yoko’s best skills.  This week – the finale – it’s finally time for Agito Yuuki and George Jackman to take centre stage.  Agito is a teleporting, distance fighter while George is the strongman of the team with some interesting abilities and plenty of scope for expansion by equipping other characters’ Materia.  Let’s have a closer look at them!

First up, here are my favourites from Agito's skill tree.

Here goes:

·         Phase Item: This is a must in my opinion, as it’s a 1-hit upgrade and allows you to apply items to characters from much further away than any other character could.

For instance, using this to help Sho keep his SAN topped up, might allow him to continuously use Daydream, keeping the turn order in your favour, while allowing Agito to be far enough away to help other characters with Assists, etc.  It’s only 1 Skill point to acquire Phase Item, so it’s well worth it!

·         Cruel Step: There are three things I really like about this skill:

1) It does excellent damage for its cost; 2) It looks awesome as it hacks at enemies from all sides; 3) It has HUGE range, which is very helpful and might allow you to end a battle a turn earlier (which is great for your mission ranking, perhaps winning you some free items as a reward.) :)

·         Phase Blade: Agito’s own take on the ‘insta-kill’ attacks used by other characters.

Maxed out, this has a pretty good chance of taking big enemies out in own go, which can only ever be a good thing.  Plus, I like the way he flings the knife backhand… ^^

·         Summon Allies: This – along with Sho’s ‘Daydream’ – might be the best skill in the whole game. Agito can teleport through doors, and then use this skill to bring everyone else with him.

This can hugely impact on the speed of battles, especially when it’s not necessary to kill all enemies.  Probably his most essential skill, but it’s deep down at the end of his skill tree, so planning will be required to grab it!

Ah, good old Agito!  His teleporting makes him a real shock trooper, as he laughs in the face of locked doors and gaping chasms.  He’s also a pretty hard hitter, although not as much as our next subject.

Yes, finally, after waiting patiently for his team mates’ character breakdowns to be finished, here are my favourite of George’s skills:

·         Mind’s Eye: This is great. It’s stackable so can greatly increase the effectiveness of other skills and is cheap to use.

Once you’ve got some of his later skills unlocked, using Mind’s Eye on cheaper enemies can yield great results when lining George up against the big-hitting bad guys, particularly giant mechs, on the subject of which...

·         Zantetsu: When facing some of the huge bipedal robotic enemies in the game, Zantetsu is a real asset.

It’s made even more lethal if you’ve levelled up George’s ‘Analyze Machine’ skill.  Put together, these two skills spell BIG trouble for those pesky mechs!

·         Kyouchi: This is a passive skill that – simply put – makes George’s sword hit harder.

Any skill using the sword increases in power and when you consider George is already the strongest character, this makes him doubly dangerous.  Keep this one topped up once you’ve got the other skills you want.  As this is an innately ‘background’ skill there’s no pretty picture for this one – sorry! :)

·         Neck Slasher: If you have plenty of Mind’s Eyes stacked, then Neck Slasher hits even harder than normal and has a great chance to insta-kill.

If you listened to me about the Kyouchi skill, it’ll be powerful enough to take down weaker enemies right away too. On top of all that it has a great name.  Who doesn’t want to unlock ‘Neck Slasher’?? ^_^

With that, my series of character breakdowns is over.  I hope it’s given you some insight into each character’s strengths and weaknesses.

One of the things I love about Lost Dimension is that while there are traditional qualities to the character archetypes, at the same time each has highly original quirks that make the combat in the game something very special indeed.  And soon you guys will be able to play it for yourselves.  Yay!

Thanks so much for reading and we’ll be back with more Lost Dimension news and info very soon. Cheers for now! Bye!

(Blog written by Ghostlight Ltd.  All screenshots are taken from the PS3 version of Lost Dimension, but PC screenshots are coming very soon.)

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