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Ghostlight announce Persona 2: Innocent Sin

Ghostlight announce Persona 2: Innocent Sin

Hi everyone.  I believe we promised you some announcements in last Thursday blog and looking at your comments I think I’m going to make some of you very happy.

I’m delighted to be able to announce that Ghostlight will be releasing Atlus’ fantastic Persona 2: Innocent Sin for the PlayStation Portable throughout the PAL region.

Persona 2: Innocent Sin features a fascinating rumour crafting mechanic, the kind of dark, compelling storytelling for which the Persona series is so well known, typically stylish visuals and is a must for all the Persona fans introduced to the series by Persona 3 Portable (as I was:)).

While we don’t have many details yet, I know we’re planning on releasing another of our stunning Collector’s Editions later this year.  So keep an eye on our Blog/Twitter/Facebook for all the latest news and all the other amazing games *cough*Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky*cough* that we’re currently working on.

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Alone Music says:

Awesome news! Persona and PSP is a match made in heaven.
Azule says:

Oh god YES. I love you I think :) Thanks for your work.
Sera says:

As someone who played and loved the original Japanese release all those years ago, I'm so pleased to see this coming over at last. It is, in my opinion, the best of the Persona series by far. I'm a massive fan and can't wait to see what you have for the collectors pack! I'm just off to cancel to my American Pre-order :-) All they're getting is a 10 track CD full of songs I already own.
Haven says:

Awesome News :D, i've been eager to find out the mystery psp title and this was what I was thinking it was :P. Can't wait, Thank You Ghostlight!
Cam says:

i ...has ....happy!!!!
[GL] Ross says:

:) Been great seeing the reaction. I could be in for some fun days with this and Trails in the Sky around the office :)
Andrea says:

You'll release a PSN version of course, right, right?
[GL] Ross says:

@Andrea Yes we will release it on PSN
Souta says:

Fist Trails in the Sky and now this?! Thank you! Can't wait to hear news about the CE! You are awesome!!
GMM says:

This is because I entered Persona 2 in the P3P competition, right? The collector's edition should include a redeemable code for Persona 1, like I suggested as well, then!
Phi says:

Wait... It's Thursday already!? Haha, believe or not, I was going to come here to ask whether or not you could post more often (I really enjoy reading these posts!). Quite the surprise to find the announcement of Innocent Sin! Excellent news! Plus, I love the Collectors Editions that Ghostlight packs! Cheers!
Sora_88 says:

Please locate it in the Italian language!!! TT__________TT Pleeeeeaaaase!!!!
Charon says:

Great new, i hope you can push it before winter holidays so it ends up under lot of personna fans christmas tree, can't wait to preorder it myself ! If i can add an idea, maybe this time instead of a t-shirt for preordering on ghostlight store you could try to add some exclusive artworks you already own, like some smt serie poster since it's the same universe and you can not find it anywhere nowdays... Keep up the good work and don't forget Fate/extra !
Foxfyre says:

Hurrah! Ghostlight I love you guys! I might as well just start sending my paychecks directly to you at this point XD
[GL] Ross says:

@Souta We are on a bit of a roll at the moment :). @Phi Switching the blog to Thursday has obviously confused me more than I thought it would :) @Sora_88 I'll mention it but the trouble is there's so much text in these games that it quickly becomes too expensive :( @Charon I'll bring it up although personally I like having lots of T-Shirts. Although I do have far too many as it is. @Foxfyre :)
Kaishou says:

@Charon - Actually not all SMT are in the same "universe". The same name indeed but not the same "universe". There are different series with the same or similar concept such as Megami Tensei, Shin Megami Tensei, Devil Summoner, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona, Digital Devil Saga, Devil Survivor and etc. I may be wrong but whatever, you get the idea.
!!! says:

Just wanted to let you know that I (and many others!) really appreciate this. Keep up the good work!
Michaela Buckley says:

Thank you! Looking forward to these so much! Will there be a special edition?!
[GL] Ross says:

@Michaela Buckley Yes we will do a Collector's Edition :)
Richie says:

You've got 2 sales from me, this and Trails in the Sky, but I'd like to know how soon after the PSN versions will be available, CE's are great but some of us have PSPgo's or like me don't like having a clutter of boxes and UMD's lying around the house. More than 3 months for P3P, its a long time to wait!
Barry Walsh says:

Is it Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment or is that a seperate thing altogether?
[GL] Ross says:

@Richie We're going to do our best to get the UMD and PSN releases closer together in the future. @Barry Walsh They are separate games.
Richie says:

@Ross, please don't take me as being unhappy, I know how time consuming SCEE QA process is, its well documented! UMD or PSN, I will be buying these 2 games from you.
Vanilla says:

Woop, so happy to hear this announced! I'll be waiting for the collectors edition, but I'm so excited to play P2^^
KoolZoid says:

Excellent news! Super-keen to get my hands on whatever Collector's Edition of this that you do. Might I suggest it comes with a chibi version of Maya, maybe as a phone charm? I've got a nendoroid Black Rock Shooter phone charm somewhere... you know the sort of thing. :)
Robert says:

Will you be releasing it in Australia (UMD, PSN)?
[GL] Ross says:

@Robert Sadly the game will not be coming to Australian stores.
Haseo says:

Just as expected! I'm still a complete ignorant about the Persona series (I'm looking forward to play P3P first, as soon as I have a PSP), but sure I'm happy you're bringing here all these episode for us to play!! I really hope you'll be able to bring us even more games!!! Next year (or maybe earlier), I'm expecting Fate/Extra and Black Rock Shooter from you Ghostlights! *__* And as Sora_88 says, I'd really like your games to have an Italian localization, but I know it can be expensive, especially with these text-heavy games ._. Thanks for your great work!!
technochicken says:

YES! Ross I love you. So so much. God theres p2, Xenoblade chronicles, Trails and argarest that i have to get. Very expensive few months. Looking forward to the collectors aswell. Time to cancel my american preorder. :p See you on the boards on thursday.
[GL] Ross says:

@Haseo Thanks for the support. We'd love to be able to localise the games into more languages than just English but It's just not practical at the moment :(
technochicken says:

Oh I forgot any word on when to expect it on your store for preorder? Ive started ordering all ghostlight games direct from you as you usually bundle extra stuff. Great news for a collector like me :)
[GL] Ross says:

@technochicken Thanks. Not sure when it will go live but I'll put a post up when it does :) I'm actually off work Thursday, Friday and Monday. The original plan was I was off to Bloodstock Festival but that never happened. Not sure what going to be happening to the blog while I'm away but I'll type something up and pass it on to someone.
Kintama Sensei says:

Great news. Thank you very much Ghostlight. i'll order as soon as possible. Another great game for my collection (i have about forty-five games for PSP, including P3P of course, and don't like digital download) :) Regards!
Alistair says:

Yeah I'm the 1 that asked about P2-IS the other week, i'm so happy that i'm gonna cry with joy T_T, @GL you said that P2-IS & PS-EP are different How? i dont ever remember P2 being on PS1 in EU only in USA is the different related to censors.
Ainhoa says:

Whoa~~!!Nice notice!!!^^
Chaosprower says:

And I'm still waiting for P3P for PSN :(
FX102A says:

Superb news. I do suggest you try to be different from the U.S. release (which has been the case in many of your releases) whether it be extra swag or even a different cover. This will help nab additional sales as fans (like me) will not mind double purchases.
dgnfly says:

aww can't say i'm looking forward 2 persona 2 rather have some very unknown game the older persona games just don´t have the great feel the other games have. well i'll just hope there is a Fate/Extra in the upcoming list anyway. @Ross any chance off some unknown games with that i mean games yet unannounced something like those bleach psp games or queens blade games something original that hasen't been seen yet. or maybe i'm asking a bit 2 much srry just 2 many great anime psp games that haven't been released yet and most likely will never be released here.
Max says:

Thanks, I was hoping for the european release of Persona 2. I'm a big fan of Shin Megami Tensei.
Belphegor86 says:

Great news guys, especially as this time the announcement has come before the US release so you'll get the full support you deserve. Real happy to see the coverage (and major props) you guys have been getting from the various RPG sites
[GL] Ross says:

Thanks for all the comments everyone. Alistair Eternal Punishment is the sequel to Innocent Sin. @Chaosprower Sorry we're still waiting for the PSN version of P3P to pass Sony's submission so we can give you a release date :(. Should be soon though. @dgnfly We're always looking for more games to pick up and while nothing is guaranteed yet we might have something that will make you happier soon. @Belphegor86 Thanks for the links.
Ailtin says:

God you just made my day totally worth it, Ross !! Say, is Ghostlight going to the Gamescom too ?
Ronian says:

I am going to buy a copy if there will be a PEGI only collectors edition. Maybe it would work like the Persona 3 Portable CE removable backside cover to have the real artwork ?
[GL] Daren says:

As Ross is away I will be answering on his behalf. @Ailtin Gald to be of service :) RE: Gamescom our Director will be attending meeting with prospective clients but sadly we won't be there. Have a great tie if you are going. @Ronian, yes there will be a removable flyer. Something we have to do for all the different langauges :)
A says:

What about Devil Survivor Overclocked for 3DS?Any plans to publish it in the near future?
Lozzy says:

So happy to hear this! Saves me importing it from the States. Im lucky to have the PS1 version and IMO its one of the best RPGs out there. Thank you so much, such wonderful news and you guys kick ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ronian says:

I mean for the frontside to remove the USK logo^^ I really hate it but it is more a boycott from my side. Stupid german authorities :) Would that be possible?:)
[GL] Daren says:

@A No plans at the moment for DSO 3DS, sorry. @Lozzy pretty enthusiastic release date coming soon :) @Ronian Ah I see what you mean. Sorry the USK logo has to go on the box. No choice :(
Opo says:

I second what A said, I'd really like to see somebody publish DS Overclocked in Europe. As a fan of SMT and Atlus in general I was happy with importing the US version of their DS games so far, but with that region lock on the 3DS, I'm kind of worried about the future. It would be cool to see Ghostlight as an "Atlus EU", but I wonder if that would be actually profitable for your company. Anyway, great work so far with the SMT franchise on both PS2 and PSP, I'll preorder Innocent Sin from your store as soon as I can !
Ronian says:

@Daren So any kind of usk free collectors editions wont be possible in future?:( The standard german gamer anyway doesnt like non localized rpgs :)
[GL] Ross says:

@Ronian At the moment it's not practical I'm afraid :(
Sait says:

First I wanted to thank you very much Ghostlight that you are releasing persona here in europe! When the remake of one of the best RPG's was first announced in Japan I hoped that it would be coming out somewhen here in europe and I'm glad that it will finally make it =). I have but 2 questions: 1.I live in Germany and I wanted to ask if it will be localized in the german language? I know it has really a lot of text but SMT: Lucifer's call was also localized. I'm sure you would sell much more copies if it would be. 2. I don't want to spoil but one of the bosses in the game has a pretty nasty connection with Germany in the history books, if you know what I mean. Could there be any possible problems with releasing it in Germany when it is getting tested from the USK?
[GL] Ross says:

@Sait We will be trying to get it released in Germany, I don't think we've heard back from USK yet. I do know they toned down that boss in the Japanese release of the portable version. As for language I'm afraid it's likely to be English only again as unfortunately it's not really practical to do other languages.
Sera says:

I have a quick question. Do you plan on including the Climax Theatre mode? It looks like America is bringing over the same quests as the Japanese release. Apparently some of the quests are set in St. Hermelins from P1, so I'm quite interested in playing them. Also, I read on Famitsu that the player can make their own. Quite glad I held off importing from Japan now!
Rorschach says:

Persona 2 in spanish, PLEASEEEEEE! T_________T
[GL] Ross says:

@Sera Our version is going to be the same as the US version. @Rorschach We'd love to localise it to languages other than English but at the moment it's not really practical :(
TH says:

Is there going to be any censorships to the english localization such as editing out homosexual referencing or taking away the Fuhrer's mustache?
[GL] Ross says:

@TH I've just checked it out and the sexual references are still in the game as is a character called Furher.
Judgment8 says:

Thanks a lot Ghostlight, I was more than satisfied with your Persona 3 Portable Collector's Edition + T-Shirt bundle (and the awesome shipping, truly awesome). So I think I'll get this for sure if I just have the money (if I don't I have to work like a Prinny to get some j/k).
[GL] Ross says:

@Judgement8 Glad you liked our Persona 3 Portable package. Persona 2: Innocent Sin is amazing :)
Sait says:

@Ross Holy Cow The most evil person eva will be in it after all? I hope they don't toned down that bastard too much, because I want to kick his ass "portable"-style ^^ Though I hope the USK will give their ok and it gets published in Germany =/ Any news from the USK Ross? And I have one last question: What will the collectors edition include? The OST ist awesome, please let it be in !!!
[GL] Ross says:

@Sait No news on the Collector's edition yet. I haven't heard anything about USK's reaction either but I'll let you know when I have more details.
HJ says:

This is great news, I swear Ghostlight are becoming saviors to any EU gamer. I was wondering if you have any idea of when it might be released, sorry if you've been asked this a lot, I was just so curious I had to ask. Thanks.
[GL] Daren says:

@HJ It is all go here on the P2 release but We are hoping for a late Autumn release. Once we have something concrete Ross will be here to let you know :)
Stevie says:

I am so happy about this news. In fact I think I'm just bursting with excitement. Finally the game is coming to Europe!!!! Thanks all at Ghostlight you've made my year....whoop whoop!
Sait says:

thx again ghostlight for the release if this masterpiece! I just wanted to know why you dont localize it? Is it too expensive or are you not localizing because it just isn´t your business? I´m not bitching or anything like that I´m perfectly fine with english text. I am just curious about it :)
[GL] Ross says:

@Sait We'd love to be able to localize our games into more European Languages and in an ideal world we would. However there is so much text in games like this and Trails in the Sky that it's just not viable I'm afraid.
Sait says:

Ah you got your point there now I understand thats evident thx Ross. Well i buyed my copy of Persona 2 just a few moments ago, I´m really excited thanks again for the release ;)
[GL] Ross says:

@Sait Thanks for your support.

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