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Ghostlight announce Crash City Mayhem

Hi everyone.  I’m delighted to announce that as a few internet detectives in the comments have already deduced we will be bringing the awesome action driving game Crash City Mayhem (released as Runabout 3D: Drive Impossible by Rocket Company in Japan) to the Nintendo 3DS™ in the PAL region.

Experience high-octane driving thrills in glorious 3D as Crash City Mayhem comes speeding on to the Nintendo 3DS!  The more you destroy, the greater your rewards as you smash through city streets in a series of dangerous missions against an evil syndicate of terrorists.

Drive a huge variety of crazy vehicles including mopeds, supercars and tanks!

Drive anywhere - rooftops, sewers, inside buildings, rail tracks and more.

Unlock a stash of secret items and vehicle upgrades.

Dodge the cops in a wealth of missions including high-speed pursuits, rescuing hostages and planting bombs!

This awesome game might at first glance seem a bit of a departure from our usual games but it still has a very Japanese feel to it :)  It’s pretty crazy but great fun as well :)

Heading back to JRPGs now and I’m pleased to say that all the necessary updated metadata has been submitted to Sony and Fate/EXTRA should be appearing on the missing EU PSN stores on the 8th August.  That’s just two days before the PlayStation®3 release of the awesome Agarest: Generations of War 2, for which the Collector’s Edition is still available for pre-order here.  Once again apologies for any inconvenience this delay has caused and thank you for your patience

Finally our two PSP Sports games International Athletics and World of Pool are available as part of the Summer Sports Sale on PSN for just £3.19 saving you £2.30.  You’ll have to sprint for these ones though as the prices will be pole vaulting back to their regular price of £5.49 on the 1st August.

That’s all for now.  I hope you enjoyed reading about our latest acquisition.  I’ll be back next week, but until then you can follow Ghostlight on our Twitter and Facebook pages, our Youtube Channel and our  Google + account, where we’ll be posting all the latest news from Ghostlight. You can also follow me on Twitter for a more personal take on all things Ghostlight.

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R.I.P says:

Wow... so your bringing over an game no one asked for over code of princess or zero escape :(
Komic says:

Seriously a car game. Sorry but lame. Jrpgs are the best.
Crazy Money says:

So is this a cult game or something? Because from the screenshots it just looks like a bad driving game.
Meh says:

So, an awesome Visual Novel such as Virtue's Last Reward is something gamers wouldn't associate with your company, but a mediocre racing game is?
[GL] Ross says:

Remember we have to be able to work out deals that make sense for any game we bring over. We're still looking into several other games some of which have been requested here but the opportunity was here for Crash City Mayhem (Runabout 3D: Drive Impossible) and the game is a lot of fun.
max says:

i dont have a word to comment this... i think people wait serious game like code of princess or other...not this ***** :(
[GL] Ross says:

@Meh Firstly I don't particularly feel the game is mediocre but I was saying that the game we were going to announce was not something people would associate with us.
Atenano says:

Meh says:

@Ross Oh, in that case I misunderstood your tweet. Sorry for that.
Kun says:

Thank you Ghostlight. Runabout 3D is really funny. Maybe it's not CoP, but I'll buy it :)
[GL] Ross says:

@Meh No worries. Someone else seems to have picked up the same thing so it could just be me being unclear.
CrowbarsForever says:

Do you have any idea what price you'll be charging for this at retail? It could be an excellent budget priced title :D Would you also be looking at putting this on the Nintendo eShop when retail games are made available for purchase?
Axel says:

Well, I certainly wasnt expecting this. I remember playing Runabout on playstation 1 like 15 years ago. And it was awful. But I guess a new game is better than none. I think most of Ghostlight supporters are not too much into car driving games. You sure must know that most of the people just want rpgs from you... Oh well, I hope the new pc games dont end being racing games.
[GL] Ross says:

@CrowbarsForever We're still looking into pricing which will be announced before release. as for a digital release it's been discussed but I'm not sure a final decision has been reached yet. I'll check for you though and let you know.
Pepsi_Biofusion says:

I love racers... but don't have a 3ds :( so its a no go for me, unless it somehow gets rammed on the Vita :D ... never going to happen :(
Ohnoooo says:

Fuuuuu² :(
Thigolf says:

Meh...I like Racers, but the game got a 22 out of 40 of the Famitsu, which is really bad :/
Shawn S says:

Sorry to jump in here and be among the minority but I love the Runabout series and until today had no idea there was a sequel on 3DS. That it's one step closer to a U.S. release with this english translation is great news. Still seems a ways off before I'll get to play it but thanks for taking a chance with it!
Richie says:

Can I ask a question Ross, if lets say you do get Persona 4 Golden, would it likely get a release this year? If not I'm likely to import, sorry but I'm set on playing it this year!
Raijin says:

Not for me. I'd prefer new jRPG or Visual Novel title.
joker says:

you people bitch about some game just because you don't get the one you want first? kids these days.., this game actually looks not bad. I want to see more.
BoostFire says:

Kinda disappointed, I was expecting Code of Princess or Zero Escape :'( However, I might take a look on this game, but I really hope Ghostlight will bring Code of Princess (Didn't Agatsume confirmed they were discussing with a publisher to bring the game in Europe ?) and Zero Escape: Last Virtue on 3DS in Europe...
Xixato says:

What a fail of announcement
NobunagasHaircutsAmbition says:

It looks like a lot of fun, and I think it's refreshing to see see that you release something other than JRPGs once in awhile. Good job! :)
Ben says:

Ho hum. I can't say I'm not disappointed, but there's no use moaning about it now. I'll just have to hope that the next 3DS game you announce (off in the distant future) will be a better one. Oh, and Ross, can you say anything about when we can expect more info on your Devil Survivor Overclocked and Devil Survivor 2 releases? (Like a release date, or even just month, or details on any collector's edition).
Ailtin says:

Looks quite like fun. There is still time for all other games that have been suggested to be released as well, so I dont really get the point of everyone here Jumping the Shark. @Thigolf: I would always take Famitsu Reviews with a spoonful of Salt. They gave Ys Seven 32/40 for example.
BATE Borisov says:

Charming set of comments here... I can't honestly believe that so many people are begrudging a company that strives to bring games that are: A) Practically unheard of in most gaming circles and; B) Going to sell at, relative to anything mainstream, a small rate, the chance to release something that is a bit different to what they usually bring over. I think i'm also absolutely spont on in assuming that those complaining probably haven't played the game, and have either based their view that it's, to quote, "a piece of ****" on the fact that the game isn't a J-RPG or based it on a score from say, Famitsu, who to be honest seem to pluck a review score number out of a hat for most games that aren't either made by Nintendo or Square. I've not played this game, and I may or may not do so when it's released, but either way it's nice to see Ghostlight trying something different, and you never, ever know, but it might not hurt some you J-RPG junkies to try it out - you never know, you may just possibly find a different genre of game fun.
Matt says:

While the game isn't an RPG it's actually made by Climax the makers of Timestalkers/Lanstalker. I think it's pretty horrible how loving fans quickly turn and start posting negitive comments so quickly when they don't get there own way. As for being a game no one wants that's simply not true the series has about 6 entries and everyone has made it to Europe and US. Seems to be a clear demand for the series right there. Personally I'm looking foward to the game the 3DS needs some more fun arcade, pick-up and play anytime games and this looks like a good addition.
dgnfly says:

rather have Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos PSP Game muahahhaha still haven't forgotten about this game i hope hey ross?
Seishoujyo says:

I was expecting something like Gundam 3D, Time Travelers or Ex Troopers but not ummm "something" like that. Well whatever, not going to buy it.
[GL] Ross says:

@Richie If we did pick it up it would depend on when we managed to reach agreement to pick it up. As we can't really start work on anything until it's signed. @Ben Hopefully not to far off. I'll chase for more news on it and see if I can get anything. @dgnfly At this point I'd say it's unlikely but I'll mention it to my boss.
KoolZoid says:

Well, I picked up a 3DS XL today. I can't say that Crash City Mayhem is on my radar to pick up as it's not my sort of thing, but I sincerely hope it does well for Ghostlight! The more success you have, the better chance I have of seeing Soul Hackers or Persona 4: The Golden :) Coming up next: Release dates for Devil Survivor Overclocked and Devil Survivor 2! (maybe?)
Thigolf says:

I just love how many people expected RPGs or the usual Ghostlight stuff although Ghostlight clearly said it's something we wouldn't expect xD
sakiu says:

I am happy about the release date for those who missed on Fate/Extra due to metadata problems. Actually I think it's the first time I am seeing someone who tried to fix the issue and delivered. All the other cases of missing content on at least Polish store ended up with a "we don't care attitude" shown by publishers so... yeah thanks, and I will be picking it up day 1 :)
Devil_Summoner says:

Good evening or morning?^^ Sir Ross Sorry that I ask, but would Ghostlight make a PSN Release for Agarest Generation of War 2 ? Unfortunately, there are no PS3 JRPG in the PSN Store...
Kamo says:

WTF!??????????? O_o I suppose this is a joke, not Code Princess but yes this ****!? This will sell 4 copies...
dgnfly says:

i gotta say it's good 2 see any game get released in europe if it doable. basicly if they still can't work out a deal with all the other requested game atleast they releasing something in the meantime. do gotta say no a big DS fan i prefer psp over DS
Seishoujyo says:

Well we wouldn't expect the unexpected Thigolf, Ghostlight = RPG rahhhh, nothing else lol. Ross: whye no news about Devil Survivor ? It's canceled or what ? For a game already in english it's taking a lot of time.
[GL] Ross says:

@Devil_Summoner We've confirmed we're going to give Agarest Zero a PSN release and we're definitely considering bringing one of the others to PSN. @Seishoujyo It's not cancelled and we're going to be ready to announce more on Devil survivor soon.
KoolZoid says:

Looking forwards to more news on Devil Survivor :D Having played Ridge Racer 3D a lot over the weekend, I find that it works really well in 3D - as such, I might pick up Crash City Mayhem (even though I previously said it wasn't my thing!). Code of Princess would be cool too, although it looks more like it should have been a PSP or Vita title rather than a 3DS one. No matter, I'm back up to date with my systems now so any release should be playable! :D
Wayne says:

I know I've asked a couple of times before, but any news on the holdup for DDS1/2? How much longer do we need to wait?
[GL] Ross says:

@Wayne Still waiting to hear back from Sony. It's driving me mad.
taizou says:

I like this! Reminds me of Midas back in the PS1/2 days when they used to publish all manner of obscure Japanese stuff (in fact didn't they release one of the older Runabout games?). I miss all that - you never quite knew what they'd put out next. Some were genuine hidden gems, some were rubbish, some were rubbish but had the best cutscenes ever committed to disc (looking at Battle Construction Vehicles here) but they were always *interesting* at least.
[GL] Ross says:

@taizou Funny you should say that Battle Construction Vehicles is out on PSN as a PS2 Classic :)
Barry Walsh says:

Hi Ross, I know you might not be able to answer this straight out but: I am looking at either a vita or a 3ds, I have a ps1,2,3 and psp but never had a Nintendo machine ever and was looking at the 3ds for the games you have coming out for it and also fire emblem, But I did hear that ps2 games on the vita is something that will be happening and with Growlanser out in the Statesit got me wondering...I can only get one and it was going to be the 3ds but Lucifer's call on handheld has always been a dream, Are their pipeline plans for a Vita port? Lucifer's call is my favourite game of all time and if it and the DDS came out it would sway my thinking, Any talk of it at all? Thanks and sorry for the large post
[GL] Ross says:

@Barry Walsh If we ever get DDS out on PSN then Lucifer's Call is something we'd definitely consider releasing on the PS2 Classics section of PSN. Having said that I've heard nothing about a vita port of the game. Also I thought it was PS1 Classics that were coming to Vita.
Cphd says:

Wow, this is an awesome niche pickup. Hope it does well. Looking into other niche pickups I'd love if Ghostlight could work on Slime Morimori 3 (Dragon quest Rocket Slime for 3DS) since Nintendo/Square-Enix doesn't seem like releasing it here, and it was glorious portable fun in GBA and DS iterations.
dgnfly says:

doesen't reall belong on this website but it's most likely the biggest place for ppl wanting rpg games. for anybody wondering about gungir and Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time i think they might get a europe release not sure so don't get your hopes up but i noticed both on PEGI. company seems 2 be Index Digital Media Inc i think it's part of ATLUS. sorry Ross for this post just hoping it's true and they get released like so many ppl want more RPG!!!!!
Paula says:

Is your store going to have a sale at some point?
[GL] Ross says:

Hi everyone. Just to let you all know we've made some more Agarest: Generations of War 2 Deluxe Editions available for sale via the Ghostlight Store. You'll have to hurry though as we can't guarantee there will be any more made available once these are gone.
Paula says:

BTW, I'd love to see Class of Heroes 2.
Barry Walsh says:

Another psn update, Another week without the DDS games - How are the scee psn people this bad at uploading stuff? I wouls ask but I would get "I'll check into it"...the end.! I wonder how much worse it must be to try to deal with them ongoing.

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