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Devil Survivor 2 reaches target!

Hi everyone.  I’ve got some fantastic news for you….#clears throat#... it seems that after a herculean push over the last week, I am delighted to say that Devil Survivor 2 has reached its pre-order target!  A massive (and I do mean MASSIVE) thank you to everyone who ordered the game or posted about it and helped us spread the word.  I knew we could count on you! :)

I think you’re all aware by now, but we genuinely couldn’t have done this without your incredible support - you have all truly been the difference in making sure that Devil Survivor 2 receives its well deserved European release.

If you’ve already ordered from us, we’ll be taking your names for inclusion in the manual from your shipping address.  Should you want us to use something else please feel free to contact us

We’ll be providing you all with a confirmed release date as soon as we complete the manual and put the game into manufacture.  If you haven’t pre-ordered from us yet but would still like to, Devil Survivor 2 is now available as a regular pre-order and you can place your order safe in the knowledge that the game will definitely be released :)  Please note that as of today, anyone ordering DS2 will still receive the “Gold Edition”, but your name will not be featured in the manual.

Once again, thank you SO MUCH for helping us release this terrific SRPG in Europe.  You guys are the best!

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