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Anyone interested in a new Ghostlight Game?

Hi everyone.  Welcome back to the Ghostlight blog. 

This week we released the first two pieces of Agarest: Generations of War Zero DLC, which are Apostle of Wind pack for just £2.39 and the mighty Unlock Gallery pack for the princely sum of £6.29.  There’s also loads of free DLC so if you’re struggling with Agarest Zero or want to pick up your free new dungeons then the PlayStation store is the place to go! 

Speaking of Agarest DLC, voting is still open in our poll to decide which set of DLC for the original Agarest: Generations of War should see their price slashed.  At the time of writing it’s almost neck and neck between Set A and Set C, but you’ve got until the poll closes on Monday to change that.  So get voting.

In our recent FAQ blogs you may recall that we talked about several new changes that we are planning to bring in.  Well, I’m pleased to tell you that our IT guy Ben is currently hard at work launching a brand new PayPal payment system on the Ghostlight Store.  Not only that but we’re looking into offering some exclusive Agarest merchandise through our store too so expect to hear more news on this soon.

Of course that’s not all that’s been happening here at Ghostlight and we will soon be preparing to announce two new games - both on Sony consoles.  Today I’m going to talk a little about the first game, which is on the PSP.  It’s part of a Japanese franchise which has seen a few releases in Europe before, although never on this format.  The game is set in our world, although history as we know it has changed somewhat with…

Oh, is that the time? I’ve got to go now. :) 

Until next week, happy guessing!

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Chris says:

Is it the new Suikoden? Because that would make one happy bunny
Khazar says:

i hope the other is agarest senki 2 :3
Shaba AgitoWolf Ali says:

Oh gosh x3 I'm super excited =D
Shaba AgitoWolf Ali says:

Hmmm, I'm having a guess, and I'm hoping it's possibly 7th Dragon 2020 perhaps? x3
[GL] Ross says:

Just so you know I won't be commentting on guesses but I'm still reading them. It's so much fun now I've managed to be more obscure than the Trails in the Sky clues.
Technochicken says:

Ent a got a clue, though im still playing tits and thats got all my attention. :p Though you do say sony consoleS so then next game to announce on PS3? With all these games getting released my 'stack' of unfinished and unplayed games just keeps getting bigger. Who am I to complain. :) So is it an old release thats just got a localisation or just a recent release?
Haseo says:

Could it be Valkyria Chronicles III?! O.O But you said "never on this format", and we had VCII, that was on PSP... >.<''
[GL] Ross says:

@Technochicken Yes the next one is PS3. No more clues though.
technochicken says:

im going with fate/extra
Richie says:

Ross, you do realise I was on TiTS trail for a while, I got hints from other sources and read the situation, it was pure luck I was correct! I'm over 25 hours into it, loving every moment! Any news about Persona 2 PSN?
Rena says:

Agarest War 2
[GL] Ross says:

@Richie I love the Trails in the Sky too definitely one of my favourites. I think my mention of the number of characters gave it away to a lot of people hence me twisting (but not breaking I feel) logic here. As for PSN releases I've been promised somehting on that soon.
MaroonSkein says:

@technochicken: Can't be. There's a Fate fighting game on PSP, and it was released in Europe.
Chaosprower says:

I hope it's the new suikoden for the psp. But before that, when is persona 2 coming for PSN?
[GL] Ross says:

@Chaosprowe We're going to be announcing a date for that soon
Rogue257 says:

Yay for the PSP game, but can you guys PLEASE release something for the Xbox 360? I have bought both Personas for PSP and loved them, but I am bound to snap up any possible 360 release of yours cause it is my favorite console.
Michaela B says:

Is the PS3 game part of the same series as the PSP game?
dgnfly says:

i think fate/extra considering it got a U.S launch and you guys mostly pick up on those games. still would like a queens blade game for psp tell me Ross any hope for that? o ya ross will ghoslight still release good old psp games after vita launch cause still 2 many unreleased japanese psp games i want.
Ghostlightfan says:

@ Chris: I'd like to be an happy bunny too xd Suikoden is my favourite jrpg franchise, but sadly "The game is set in our world" wouldn't fit with a Suikoden game :(
Oxi says:

Corpse party
Oxi says:

Changed mind, Hack//link
Ferdi says:

90% sure it's .Hack//Link
ObviusFault says:

I swear if it is a suikoden game im going to cry out of joy....
Sera says:

Great to hear about the Paypal option! It's so easy to integrate and I'll definitely be using it. :-)
Kite says:

SolBalmung says:

7th Dragon 2020, I can't find any other psp game that match the clue provided by you Ross, if it is then I'd be so happy (and many of my friends too) coz that game looks like it really deserve bieng localized. s for the PS3, i its Agarest Wars 2 then I pledge my loyalty to GL forever and ever 8D !!
SolBalmung says:

I think I found it, to my utmost dismay it must be Dot Hack Link (Im a big fan of Hack but held a bit of hope that it woul've been 7th Dragon 2020), a game that saw a few releases in europe (the first 4 .Hack Game, GU were never released in EU),was never released on this format (Link is the first psp format)and the game setting bieng our world (all of the hack games happens in a world just like ours, people playing a net game called .The World). Wait, the game in question is an RPG....right?
Mimi says:

Shining Hearts?
Silent Gig says:

Its Yakuza Black Phanter, isnt it?
Phi says:

Haha, I love this! You guys should do this for every localisation you do! :D
Happycow says:

@Maroon Skein Fate fighting is Fate/Unlimited Codes Fate/Extra is different. its RPG
Pepsi_Biofusion says:

Oh a guessing game huh? I don't know my psp games at all so I wont try to guess, but I'll guess that its not valkria 3 or yakuza black panther :P (don't see SEGA letting those go :() BUT for PS3 I'm guessing Ni No Kuni just for the 'ell of it, but I really want Agarest 2 (and its more likely) Oh and are you ever going to get games out on Microsoft consoles like you were hoping to a while back? (not that I play x box, but its allways good to spread the wealth :))
Terendir says:

Hmm.. was there really a fate fighting game? DVD's etc there were pelty, so i my hopes were high for a fate game too. Loved the Anime (stay night) and loving the currently airing one in Japan (Zero).
Falco252 says:

The new suikoden psp thing?
christofer says:

fate/extra pleaseeee!
Jar says:

It might be Yakuza on PSP.It would be awesome
Belphegor86 says:

I suppose my first suggestion of .hack definitely isn't right if one of those clues is wrong - but it was a long shot anyway as it's namco property and we all know what they're like for sharing their work... Now I'm leaning back towards Fate/Extra. You say that the franchise has seen releases in Europe - but you don't specifically say that release was a game (so the Fate/Stay Night anime release would count towards that). But there was an obscure fighting game based on the series for the PSP that was actually released in the EU called Fate/Unlimited codes (which I've just noticed MaroonSkein has mentioned earlier) - I wonder if this is what's broken your clue... Of course I could be talking a load of bull here and probably am :D
[GL] Ross says:

Wow there are a lot of comments here. First up confession time one of my clues is slightly wrong. Sorry about that. Once again I'm not going to be commenting on individual guesses but don't worry your not being ignored. @Rogue257 We're still working towards it I believe but I don't have anything new on the XBOX situation I'm afraid. @Michaela B No the two games are from different series. @dgnfly If the right games become available and enough people still buy PSP games after the Vita is launched then we would still consider it. @Sera Agreed. We hoping to get it set up soon. @Phi I enjoy it too. Next time I need to get the clues correct though. @Pepsi_Biofusion As I said above no news on the 360 front. I think Namco Bandai are releasing Ni No Kuni which looks pretty stunning (but then what else would expect from a Ghibli/Level 5 collaboration. @Terendir I enjoyed the Fate Stay Night anime but I'm finding Fate Extra even better. Alexander the Great is amazing.
sundayflower says:

Are there going to be any releases for the 3DS? Particularly any with the words 'devil' and 'overclocked' in the title?
[GL] Ross says:

@sundayflower What could you be referring to? :) We are looking as some 3DS titles so finger's crossed.
Stevie says:

Ok three games and I'm hoping it's one of these for the PSP: Suikoden .Hack//Link Fate/Extra The console games has got to be: Agarest 2
[GL] Ross says:

@Stevie Two games actually. One PSP and one PS3. Thats not to say we aren't chasing other games as well.
Al says:

Steins gate?
Supa says:

...yakuza black panther?
Vanilla says:

I'm praying for Fate/Extra, but every time I get my hopes up about this game it isn't what's announced, so I'm going to guess at a Devil Survivor release.
MaroonSkein says:

@Happycow: Yes, but the point was that the PSP game was supposed to be a part of a franchise that never saw a PSP release in Europe. Although now that we know there's a mistake in the blog post, it is indeed almost guaranteed to be Fate/Extra.
Chrono says:

I was really hoping for Valkyria Chronicles 3, but since we had the second game on PSP already i have to leave that hope out. But i think it's good to let you guys at Ghostlight know that VC3 is highly demanded for a US/EU release, i think you have seen our group at facebook and all.
Ted says:

I love your releases, but I hope to see you guys showing some love to non-sony platforms soon too. *cough* overclocked *cough*
[GL] Ross says:

@Chrono As a massive fan of the first game it's safe to say that I've made sure everyone knows about the series :)
BearyTeddieous says:

Mmmmm, PayPal. <3
ohgami says:

The "history has changed" hint made me think of Sakura Wars 1&2 for PSP. Since the fifth game was released in Europe (on Wii, iirc) I had my hopes up, but since you say you goofed on one of the hints... oh well. Not that it was likely anyway. :(
Justin says:

=o The wait is killing! When will we know what the game is?
Josh says:

So does that mean you'll reveal what hte psp title is next week? Can't wait to see. Have you guys thought about bringing Dream Club for the Vita over? Or is that one a little too niche/risky?
noctis caelum says:

idk, but i loved persona portable 3 and ghostlight are awesome. i just hope for japanese anime school games :D
Starlight says:

Valkyria Chronicles 3 would be awesome! Either way, it'll be a good choice regardless as the audience have played or known about it previously so it should be a good one. Keep 'em coming Ghostlight!
Seishoujyo says:

Oh man, if it's Yakuza Black Panther I m comming to the UK and I m gonna kiss you everywhere Ross. I really hope it's Yakuza. Please !!!! ^^
ObviusFault says:

I have to ask... are the two games annouced and/or released in america?
mimi says:

It can't be fate/extra because fate/unlimited codes was released on the PSN in english
Alkaid says:

PSP and no hints for the PS3 one? T...there are so many possibilities... .Hack//LINK, Yakuza, Fate/Extra EU, Corpse Party (EU???)... x__X need to know what it is so that I can rob a bank in desperation. Also did you guys know that there will be up to five game releases in February? So please don't make it February! Neptune Mk. II, Catherine, Meruru, FFXIII-2 and something I forgot. >__>' PS. My soul screems Valkyria Chronicles 3 as well but sadly that one already has a PSP entry (2nd game) so it can't be it. .__.' Thank you very much for informing us! Can't wait!
[GL] Ross says:

@Ted Don't worry we're looking at some non Sony games at the moment. There's just nothing concrete on any of them yet. @Justin We're just waiting for the go ahead from our partner. @Josh I don't have an exact date yet but we'll announce it a soon as possible. We're always looking at Vita titles so while I can't promise anything I'll look into it. @ObviusFault One is and one isn't. Not going to say which way round it is. @Alkaid don't worry we'll let you know far enough in advance of the release for you to perfect you bank robbery plans.
Ruri says:

Oh god praying so hard for Fate/Extra. I'll buy like 10 copies if it's a collector's edition thing too. My guess would be either that or VCIII. Suikoden isn't even out yet, hell there's barely any info on it at all. Jumping on localisation so early would be a little weird, at least in my eyes... And I'm fairly sure Corpse Party is already being brought over by Xseed, but it's still stuck in bureaucratic shenanigans. Anyway I would personally love either VC3 or Fate/Extra but if you must pick one, GO with Fate/Extra I beg of you >_<
dgnfly says:

@Ross is there still hope for queens blade spiral of chaos, just keep it jap dubs and just sub the game i can bet most ppl won´t even mind. you could make a poll for it so you could check how many ppl woulden´t mind and judge upon that cause with Vita on the way i´m afraid we might never get a chance.or else it means i have 2 just go and crack my old psp´s so i can download the iso.
[GL] Ross says:

@dgnfly I have mentioned it before to various poeople here at Ghostlight. At this point in time I'd say it would be unlikely as while there is a market for PSP games you do have to be careful with what you choose to pick up but we do listen to requests and if enough people request it we would of course make note of it.
MaroonSkein says:

@Ross: Since you're listening to requests, I'd like to take this opportunity and ask for the PSP version of Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner. I understand that it's a difficult game to bring over, as the American Atlus branch didn't bother releasing it, meaning you'll have to translate it yourselves, but it would be really great to see this happen.
dgnfly says:

@ross just 2 bad not many western or european users know about a lot off japanese psp games that never see the light off day most user only know those made by either sega or that have had a U.S publisher and i hope by god it ain´t valkyria chronicles 3 cause the 2nd one sucked bad not just the voice acting it was actually made for girls.
Winkelwagentje says:

A Japanese franchise that has seen a few releases in Europe, but never on PSP. Hmm, could it be Atelier? :o
Stevie says:

@Ross: it has to be anything I would rather the PSP title be .hack//Link although I'm sure that ain't gonna happen or is it Blazing Souls Accelate but that's been out in the U.S. for a while now. It's a great game so I would definitely buy again if it came out in Europe and as a collector's edition with artbook and soundtrack :) I don't want much ;)
FaithlessMr says:

I really don't have a clue on what the games will be, given the systems they're on...But if I can make a suggestion, would you guys pretty please consider porting over to europe SMT: Devil Survivor (Overclocked?) and/or SMT: Devil Survivor 2? These are great games Europe is definitely missing on!!!
Mario says:

The new Suikoden would definitely be a treat. That being said, it's not even out in Japan yet and I doubt that's it. One can still hope, right?
[GL] Ross says:

@MaroonSkein & @FaithlessMr Thanks for the suggestions, @dgnfly I never played the 2nd one but I absolutely loved the first Valkaria Chronicles game.
Jenztsch says:

I'd really appreciate to see Digimon World Re:Digitize over here in Europe. It would fulfill all of the clues given, but as the game is still in development and we haven't got a DW since Digimon World 4, chances aren't that high. ;)
Absolutly says:

We all want the same thing... Valkyria Chronicles 3 !!! But imho is Fate/Extra :(
Eru says:

Damn I'm really late at reading this! Ross, you're talking about Fate/Zero :) Fate/Extra is a PSP game that's loosely based on Fate/Stay Night and it just recently got an NA release. I doubt that's the title you're going to announce since you were teasing a PS3 title? Alexander/Iskander is awesome!
[GL] Ross says:

@Eru Yes. I'm talking about the rather ace Fate/Zero anime :). Agreed about Alexander too. I'm teasing a PSP game here but our next announcement is going to be a PS3 game .
Eru says:

Also agreed that it's much better than the FSN anime and UBW movie (even though UBW was my favourite route) I'm also enjoying the Kajiura tracks...she's very good at what she does. Ah yes, I missed that bit about the PSP game!
Seishoujyo says:

Ross: bring us Devil Survivor here too, I want to buy a US 3DS to play it, but I m just gonna buy a Euro 3DS and have faith in you.
ogami says:

@ eru and Ross the good quality in Fate/Zero is a fact of being nearly 100 % accurate regarding the novels. The F/SN series was a mix and somewhat original, the UBW movie is simply to short and on top of that to fast-paced for people without proper knowledge of the vn. If we can wish for games I'll mention Tears to Tiara (Gaiden), Black Rock Shooter and Macross Triangle Frontier. All PSP.
Ruri says:

Wondering if this will be revealed before the end of this year...
[GL] Ross says:

@Ruri It depends how quickly we get everything sorted out and the paperwork done. We tend to announce things as soon as possible.

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