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Agarest Zero DLC gets release dates

Hi everyone.  You’ve been bombarding us with questions about the Agarest: Generations of War Zero DLC and I’m pleased to tell you that we now have some release dates to share with you.

The Apostle of Winds pack and the Unlock Gallery pack will be released on the 23rd November.

On November the 30th Ghostlight will be releasing the Chaotic War Pack, theDaily Extension Pack, the Extra Costumes Pack 1, the Extra Costumes Pack 2, the Extra Points Pack 3, the Extra Points Pack 4, the Extra PP Pack 1, the Extra PP Pack 2, the Extra TP Pack, the Formidable Pack, the Halcyon Days Pack, the L Family Pack, the New Forbidden Book 1, the New Forbidden Book 2, the New Forbidden Book 3, the Prosaic Bonus Pack, the Schie’s Bargain Pack, the Supreme Weapon Pack and the Tomorrow’s Hero Pack.

On December the 7th Ghostlight will be releasing Unlock Expressions, Unlock Movie Gallery and Unlock Voices.

More details of the contents of each piece of DLC can be found here


Believer of The God of Wind 2.39 23/11/2012
Gallery Open 6.29 23/11/2012
Daily Life Extension Pack 1.25 30/11/2011
No Underestimated Pack 1.25 30/11/2011
Chaos War Pack 1.59 30/11/2011
L's Daily Life Extension Pack 1.59 30/11/2011
Tomorrow's Leading Part Pack 1.99 30/11/2011
Cie's Bargain Pack 1.99 30/11/2011
Youthful Days Pack 1.99 30/11/2011
Strongest Weapon Pack 2.39 30/11/2011
Usual Extra Pack 2.39 30/11/2011
Point Addition Pack 3 3.19 30/11/2011
Point Addition Pack 4 3.99 30/11/2011
TP Addition Pack 3.99 30/11/2011
PP Addition Pack 1 4.99 30/11/2011
PP Addition Pack 2 6.29 30/11/2011
Forbidden Book Volume 1 1.99 30/11/2011
Forbidden Book Volume 2 1.99 30/11/2011
Forbidden Book Volume 3 1.99 30/11/2011
Additional Costume 1 3.19 30/11/2011
Additional Costume 2 3.99 30/11/2011
Voice Open 3.99 07/12/2011
Face Gallery Open 7.99 07/12/2011
Movie Gallery Open 4.99 07/12/2011


To celebrate the imminent release of the Agarest Zero DLC we’re going to be running a sale on the DLC for the original Agarest: Generations of War.  But it’s going to be a sale with a difference.  Rather than us decide what items we’ll be reducing the price of we thought we’d ask you.   We’ve grouped our paid Agarest: Generations of  War DLC into 3 sets each containing 5 pieces of DLC.  All you need to do is vote for the set of DLC you would most like to see go on sale in the poll below and we’ll aim to reduce the price of all the DLC in the set with the most votes by 50% for two weeks.  Although I am trying to encourage my boss to leave it on sale for longer :).



More information about each of these pieces of DLC can be found here

The poll is open until Monday the 28th November.  So get voting.

Fans of Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky and Persona 2: Innocent Sin should not feel left out as both games now have dedicated websites featuring manuals in a variety of languages and can be found here and here

Speaking of Trails in the Sky gave it their Gold Award in a 9/10 review summing the game up with 

This release from Ghostlight is a mightily impressive proposition. Fans of the genre will revel in the complexity and vastness of the story and systems of play, while those who don't like the traditions of the format will be welcomed in by its forgiving attitude and believable characters.

If you have a PSP and an interest in JRPGs, this needs to be on your radar.”

That’s all for now.   I’ll see you all next week.

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ObviusFault says:

hmm i will only buy the galery things and costumes because the first one was a piece of cake with and without dlc :S
Rena says:

Getting the Unlock Pack (Gallery, Movie etc) kinda takes the fun out of the game.
Komic says:

Wow thanks for using our wiki for that. Im actually a admin on that if you lot want to contact me -
[GL] Ross says:

@Komic Thanks for helping to create such a wonderful resource. I was going to list what was in each piece of DLC on here but that would have made for a post of epic length so having something to link to was very helpful.
Xyron says:

It's a bit off-topic, but I don't have twitter so I will just say it here. I have recently completed Trails in the Sky, and I absolutely loved it. Before I saw the game on your site, I had never heard if it, so thank you for making me aware the game even existed. I really hope the sales were good enough to make it worthwhile to you to release it here. Actually, that is a lie, or at least not the complete truth. What I actually hope for, but unfortunately don't believe at all, is that the game sold well enough to eventually release the second game in English on some platform. Seriously, that cliffhanger and trailer was evil! Anyway, thanks again!
rokuso3 says:

Thanks for the IS manuals (I'm spanish but I had to buy the UK version), although I'm shocked because not even the digital version comes with colors. Too bad, but hey, thanks anyway.
[GL] Ben says:

@Xyron - Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it
ObviusFault says:

I have a question about the Persona 2 soundtrack... why is the "unbreakble tie" son only in short version and not full version? i sort of expected the full one when its an OST :P
Pepsi_Biofusion says:

Well 'cause I suck at SRPGs and have to be the one person on this planet who hates grinding but loves JRPs/SRPGs I'll be buying all that DLC... 'cept gallery unlock. I have to start a new file anyway as I screwed up the true end route so I'll just wait for the DLC. Oh and one little query, can I choose the costume a characters wears? I can't figure it out
[GL] Ross says:

@Xyron Tell me about it. I know XSEED and Nihon Falcom are working really hard to come up with a way of releasing it in the West so fingers crossed. @ObviusFault I'll look into it for you. @Pepsi_Biofusion It's been a while since I've played it but I belive you can. you do need to get the girls affection high enough though.
[GL] Ross says:

@ObviusFault I've just been told that we released the official soundtrack, which is the same as Atlus did in the U.S. So I guess any questions should be directed to Atlus
ObviusFault says:

ah ok thanks :P its too bad but i ripped the cd and then replaced the song with the full version manualy because i loved the song... i still found it a bit strange but at least i know its not your fault :)
dgnfly says:

@Ross so ross with both persona 2 and TITS released what future games is there a Fate/extra with jap dubs or maybe for once a queens blade game? o ya what´s the status off you asking if we could get the psn agarest icons as avatars.
[GL] Ross says:

@dgnfly We've currently got two games we've either signed or very close to signing. We're actually going to be dropping some hints in todays blog about one of them :) As for the Agarest Avatars I understand we've spoken to someone in Japan about it but I haven't heard anything since then.
Pepsi_Biofusion says:

Turns out being rubbish at SRPGs is an expensive habit, just spent 25 quid on Agarest Zero DLC, and me being me, I'll be picking up the rest when Agarest finally ousts Resonance of Fate from my PS3 :D As much as Agarest Zero is awesome 90 pound for it plus DLC and limited goodies is at the top end, d'you think you could perhaps bundle DLC packs together in future to shave a couple of pounds? I'm not annoyed or anything - hell I bought it, and gave you some shiny 5 stars :) - but next year looks expensive, stupid awesome looking Vita and dozens of PS3 games.
[GL] Ross says:

@Pepsi_Biofusion I'll look into it and see if we can do anything.

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