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Agarest Zero coming soon to PSN

Hi everyone.  I’m pleased to report that the awesome Agarest: Generations of War Zero has now been approved for release on PSN.  So anyone who fancies downloading this fantastic game straight to their hard drive should keep their eyes peeled as we will be announcing a release date in the coming weeks.

I can also tell you that the issue with the Fate/EXTRA metadata has now been resolved, meaning that this fabulous game should now be available on more of the mainland European PSN Stores that it was missing from. If there are any problems with this please let us know.

We have also now received more information on the issue which is delaying the release of the Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga games.  Currently both games suffer from technical problems due to a conflict with the emulator. Apparently it may be possible for these issues to be fixed in future emulator updates, but at the moment we do not have an estimated date for this to happen.

Finally, congratulations to Greg Rutherford on his Olympic Gold Medal in Long Jump.  A few years ago we met Greg when we went to Crystal Palace to demonstrate International Athletics.  In fact he even gave International Athletics a go himself and said: "The accuracy and realism of International Athletics is fantastic, certainly better than anything I've played on the DS or PSP before. The game is also a great way for children and adults to learn about the different track and field disciplines - I'll certainly be testing my skills on the long jump before I head to Beijing"

Team GB Gold medallist Greg Rutherford plays International Athletics

You can try a free updated version of the game – cunningly titled International Athletics 2012 – on iPhone here.

That’s all for now.  I’ll be back next week - hopefully with some better news – but until then you can follow Ghostlight on our Twitter and Facebook pages, our Youtube Channel and our  Google + account, where we’ll be posting all the latest news from Ghostlight. You can also follow me on Twitter for a more personal take on all things Ghostlight.

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Ben says:

Not strictly relevant to this article, but I thought I should say this here: Rising Star Games have announced that they will be releasing Virtue's Last Reward (3DS and Vita versions) this November: Rejoice!
R.I.P says:

Oh man, knowing sony i'ts going to take them forever to fix the problems in the emulator. Might as well buy an used ps2 to play digital devil sagas and some other games :P
dgnfly says:

@ross you can't expect ppl 2 mobelise just because they want a game on their store just look at the army off ppl complaining at like NIS america and just get ignored. and the army off ppl asking SCEE but like always SCEE ignores anybody that isen't U.K.
[GL] Ross says:

@dgnfly I know it's not ideal and I will be pushing to try and resolve this issue here but it's all I can suggest I'm afraid.
LordRed91 says:

Well, that settles it. Once I get paid, I'm buying the DDS games directly from the GL store.
J says:

Thats sad news for the DDS games. Thanks for being upfront about it in any case. Perhaps the DDS games are now an excellent candidate for a PC port. ;)
dgnfly says:

@Ben thx for the info diden't know that yet.
Pepsi_Biofusion says:

I know this is off-topic, and I've asked before, but given that Agarest 2, like Zero, is bound to get a truck load of DLC with a total cost possibly exceeding the cost of the collectors edition itself, is there any chance of bundles/a season pass or PS+ discounts for those of us willing to buy it all/most of it? I know I ended up buying most Agarest Zero DLC but I don't fancy going over the 25 pound mark for a 40 quid game. Also I know the approval process for avatars on PSN is more trouble than its worth but will you ever consider them, you could probably get away with Ghostlight's logo even given saints row the third and armagedon riders did that :)
Sins says:

I bought my copy of Agarest Zero ages ago, heck I beat it months ago, just need to kill more fairies and mummies for the Platinum. On a anothor note, is anyone here watching Sword Art Online? Ross? anyone?
Arky says:

Sad, was looking forward to playing DDS on my PS3. Guess I will just have to dust off my old PS2 then. I suppose Sony should update their emulator anyway to open up for more ports either way.
[GL] Ross says:

@Pepsi_Biofusion I'll suggest this to my boss. @Sins I am :). I'm really enjoying it the season as a whole has been fairly weak but Sword Arts Online is making up for it.
Barry Walsh says:

Hi Ross, I was just wondering if the emulation issue on the DDS would affect a port of Lucifer's call or was it just awful awful luck with the DDS games?
[GL] Ross says:

@Barry Walsh I hope not but the only way to tell would be after submission.
Sins says:

It really is a good show, Yesterday I went to KFC to get a bucket for my family and the staff there were actually chatting about SAO, I was really surprised. Ahem to my point. Before the anime started they announced the game "Sword Art Online Infinity Moment" for the PSP. here is the teaser: Granted not much of its gameplay has been shown but I sincerely hope Ghostlight would release it. I would love to make the US jealous of us for once. The anime has been one hell of a ride and only 6 episodes have aired and it certainly looks to be the best anime of 2012, I exclude Fate/Zero from this because it was split in 2. Regardless Ross, Can you please mention SAO Infinity Moment. amongst anime fans this game maybe an instant seller and frankly I would love to play as Kirito in that world and I imagine so would many others. As for the last episode, marriage seems like a lot of fun!
Sins says:

@Ross I do agree that SAO is the only "above average" show this summer but I am ejoying Hagure Yuusha, although the last episode turned me off a little, the protaginist was that shows strongest point and they kind of ruined his image. He shouldn`t have interfered. Oh by the way AGAREST2 IS OUT OF STOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! When will you have it back up again?
[GL] Ross says:

@Sins Not sure. Sometime after release I guess. It is available on the usual online stores shopto, Amazon etc. if you'd prefer to order it now.
Kurko says:

Just to mention that Fate/Extra is still missing from Finnish PSN. i swear my mind will blow up if i cant soon get to play it on my new Vita. i cant w8 to get my hands on the fabulous game in downloadable format :D been waiting for way too long for it to be healthy for my sanity :P
Score says:

Sorry to steal your time Ross, but will be the Austria, Germany Release of Agarest Generation of War 2 also 17/08/2012 ? Or is the 17/08/2012 Release only for UK and the rest have another date ?
Sins says:

I can`t! despite it actually being cheaper, Ghostlight adds exclusive items such as that soundtrack in their shop. In short buy here for the full thing!!! I want to order the collectors edition with the soundtrack which is only available here. After looking at other places they say the release date of Agarest2 is 31st August, whats up with that? In any case, Can`t Ghostlight put up anymore in stock now-ish?
dgnfly says:

@Kurko i'd say join the rest off the ppl at SCEE complaining about that stupid metadata shit that SCEE forces on publisher.stupid ass translation into native language when nearly everything is english.
Tom says:

After seeing Sins comment I searched a few shopping sites to see Agarest 2 release dates Amazon said: 31st August said: 24th August I can't seem to find it listed on Game and Zavvi and Ghostlight Store still says the 17th, but can it be trusted? So has Agarest 2 been delayed again?
Sins says:

I hope it hasn`t been delayed although thats unlikely, there is literally like a day till release date, if it were delayed we`d hear it here. @Ross, I want to buy Agarest2 with everything including the soundtrack so I want to get it here. I didn`t preorder it before mainly because I didn`t have the money at the time. So do you have any idea when you`ll have more in stock?
dgnfly says:

@ross how is the status with agarest 2 cause i can't seem 2 find any shop 2 pre-order it from or even a release date. i can buy the american in like second but no info on the european.
LordRed91 says:

@dgnfly - where did you look? has it.....
[GL] Ross says:

Hi everyone. Sorry for the silence these last couple of days. I've been chasing for more details on Agarest 2. We should have some more information coming in shortly.
dgnfly says:

@LordRed91 i'm dutch and i don't use a credit card get the hint so i look closeby not amazon.
LordRed91 says:

@dgnfly - Dude, calm down. How was I meant to know that you are Dutch and don't have/use a credit card? Nowhere in this blog post do you state that information. If you want people to help you, it's kinda important to mention that stuff....
dgnfly says:

@LordRed91 srry if it seemed a bit rude. i just wanted 2 be direct but with SCEE update and most things it seems everybody in the U.K think they the only ppl in europe.

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