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Agarest: Generations of War Zero gets a release date


Looks pretty sweet doesn’t it? After listening to your comments about our collectors edition we’ve made a few changes to the 3d Lenticular Art cards which can be seen in the picture at the top of this blog.  Of course it doesn’t matter how nice a collector’s edition we do if you can’t get your hands on it so I am very pleased to announce that we expect to be releasing Agarest: Generations of War Zero on 29thJuly ’11.  What’s more, the game plus all the wonderful collectibles will be available at the incredible price of just £39.99!

Pre-orders will be available soon and anyone who pre-orders through our webstore will get a free and rather lovely, exclusive T-shirt which you can also see in the picture at the top of this post




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Pepsi_Biofusion says:

£39.99??? WHAT! ... really? ... I was thinking £65-70, especially compared to Agarest GoWs limited. I also have to say the artwork for the cards is much better than I had hoped... very clever to get them all on. Thanks Ghostlight July the 29th will be a great day indeed... so many games this year Agarest GoW Zero is still my 2nd most anticipated, I hate to say it, but Sonic Generations is lookin' sweet.... but it IS Sonic so we'll see. Anyway this is all greatly appreciated ( especially the price ) so thanks again.
Rena says:

WoW that is cheap for a PS3 game. Gonna be awesome
Khazar says:

nice release date :) ill buy a collectors edition for sure :) one of my most anticipated games of the year too :) i hope to see the announcement of agarest 2 for europe in the future :D thanks, ghostlight!
Ben says:

I hope you're making enough money from this, Ghostlight. We wouldn't want you going bust due to over-generous collector's editions...
StevieX says:

This package look stunning guys! Whoop whoop to Ghostlight and Agarest!
Ph34r says:

O.o .... .... .... OMFG open Pre-Order allready ... must buy now ... omfg XD
Barry Walsh says:

Cam says:

29? thats one day after my birthday xD
[GL] Ross says:

I'm glad everyone's so happy about it. @Ben Don't worry about I'm sure the maths has been done. :) @Cam Sounds like the ideal birthday present
Lauren says:

Any ideas when pre-orders are being taken?????
[GL] Ross says:

@Lauren Pre-order will be available soon. Keep your eye on the blog or follow me on twitter!/Ghostlight_Ross and we will keep you updated.
Charles says:

29 July !!! It's my it's my birthday !!!
Seikon says:

You got that many characters on the cards and its £39.99 I`ll jump at a pre-order as soon as you have it up!! Thank you so much!!
tanuki says:

great and for only 40£ big thanks ;)
ManaAlchemist says:

I have some questions about the Limited Edition i hope you can answer? Since the LE i supposed to include an A3 double sided poster, soundtrack, art cards, and the t-shirt, i get slightly confused since there seems to be more objects in the picture than what's announced. If you look at the picture, you see an A3 poster, and behind it is some poster looking thing with same motive, only like a sketch. But when you look at the bottom of the picture, there's some poster looking picture below everything, and this gets me wondering, will the double sided poster have the same picture on both sides, just that one is in color and the other is the sketchy one? Or will one side of the poster be the bottom picture? And if the bottom picture isn't the other side of the poster, what is it then? And why is it included in the image if it won't be in the limited edition?
[GL] Ross says:

@ManaAlchemist The image behind the poster is indeed the other side of the -poster. The poster has an image on one side and concept art for that image on the other side. The item at the bottom is the reverse side of the inlay.
Sven says:

Will pre-order as soon as you open the Artikel for ordering. The T-Shirt looks awesome. Cross thumbs, that you can bring also Senki 2 to Europe.
Keitaro004 says:

Strange to see this game getting a PEGI 16+ rating when the previous one was rated PEGI 12+... Is this game more risque with nudity/sexual themes than the sequel? The CE looks sweet though, better pre-order it soon!
[GL] Ross says:

@Sven Glad you like it. @Keitaro004 I didn't think it was any more risque then the first personally but its not my call to make.

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