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Agarest 2 – An apology

Hi everyone. I’m very sorry to have to inform you that Agarest: Generations of War 2 has not yet arrived from the manufacturers and as such will have to suffer further delay.

We realise that these repeated delays - particularly at this late stage - are unacceptable and that many of you will be angry and frustrated.  While the circumstances behind this delay are beyond our control we perhaps should have built in more contingency when setting our release date to account for things of this nature. We were simply trying to make sure that you would be sent Agarest 2 as soon as we received it.  However, this has only added to your inconvenience and frustration, for which I can only apologise.

Part of the issue with this delay is that we can only work with the information we are given by the manufacturers, and we ourselves are finding this situation extremely frustrating. We are chasing the manufacturers for more details and a release date which we will share with you the moment we get them.  Hopefully this will be VERY early next week.

By way of an apology, we will be extending our offer of a rare promotional disc copy of Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga, along with the exclusive official soundtrack to the sequel, which is usually only available as part of the Collector’s Edition to anyone who has ordered Agarest: Generations of War 2 through us.

If you have any queries about your order please contact us here and we will do all we can to help you.

Sorry to have to disappoint you all again.

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Tom says:

I got the Email about the promotional copy of SMT Digital Devil Saga a few weeks ago or so, but since it's been brought up on the blog I thought I'd use this chance ask about it, what do you mean by a promotional copy? Thanks
Destinyplan says:

yadeeyadee in a way figured this would happen..cuz normaly if it was in stock the news would have been spread off a longer time ago..well lets just hope this is the last delay xD
[GL] Ross says:

Just after I posted it I got some more news on this. It's not confirmed yet but we might have some good news for you early next week. @Tom The promo disc is simply a copy that was made to send out for reviewers.
Saito says:

i find this unacceptable, and only saying sorry and offering a 'rare' disc is annoying. i didnt come to buy that game, i wanted agarest. weve had alot of delays for this game, and cuts have probly been made in the game already for the earlier release. youve had my money for over a month, maybe two, i could have used that for other things by now with the time its taken for u to release this game. just so u know, u missed ur chance releasing this properly, its good that ur not releasing it on the same day as Sleeping dogs (17/08) however. releasing it now on the 31/08) is just as bad, as Tales of Graces F is released on the ps3, and is in the same category as this. im in two minds now asking for my money back regarding this order. as it will probly have been better putting it into a saving account its been that long. yes i know your gunna be sorry about the release. but if i missed a deadline set for architectural work, i would have been fired by now and clients would have got another company to do their work.
Faytedreams says:

@Saito - Now while I am just as frustrated as you are the last 2 delays were technically out of their hands. So if anyone was to be "fired" it would be the Manufacturers. Ross has apologised, what more do you want? Is it a crime to try and get the game out as soon as possible to the fans/customers? And while the Promotional copy of DDS is nice, you also get the Soundtrack from DDS2 - So they are trying to make up for it eh? @Ross - Thanks for the update. After waiting for this long I'm sure we can wait 1/2 more weeks (1 Hopefully XD).
Pepsi_Biofusion says:

Its a messy situation to be sure, and I can't spin it possitively, but I'm not dissapointed nor am I annoyed. It seems that Ghostlight's rapidly increasing popularity is causing you teething problems, but I hope in the future you'll be able to keep a tighter reign on the manufacturing side. PS- When can we expect the DLC? ... thats when I was going to start playing anyway :P
Remy says:

Hey Ross, It seems you are handing out free Official Soundtracks by way of an apology, now. Could this perhaps also mean that I will be able to receive an Official Soundtrack as well, even though I did not order through the Ghostlight Store? You might remember the e-mails we have exchanged recently... Hope to hear from you! Sincerely, Remy
roufas says:

Thanks for the update guys, I also know you want to get this to us asap, I was just wondering if these retail copies of DDS would work with the DDS2 (meaning the saves,not sure if there was an option for that but almost sure) as I am going to get DDS2 for sure as well. Peace.
JC says:

I preordered the game through and was wondering if they will be shipping the game after the ghostlight store or do they recive the game from the manufacturer the same as you. Simply because they keep changing the release date due to these delays, but always seem to have it dated a week later than your announced dates. PS: I already canceled my pre-order of Tales of Graces-f on your last delay but it does not bother me as it just means i can get that game cheaper in the future! Thanks for keeping us up to date, perhaps amazon was correct on them only getting the game in stock in october :D
Sins says:

Its annoying but Ghostlight has compensated for it. If in the unlikely event that it gets delayed again however then I think those who pre-ordered their copy ought to have a discount on their order. @Ross between now and the 31st will Ghostlight be able to have more in stock or is that not happening? ...Ross during the mini-game sections is the ability to alter child-Fiona`s love levels in the mini-game section taken out? I know they`re skipped but can you not alter them at least by selecting her? And I am hoping this is a stupid question but the hot spring events in generation 1 aren`t cut out or censored are they?
batman says:

i know this is a bit out of nowhere but is there any way you could possibly bring radiant historia for the DS over to us in europe?
WhiteCloud says:

Usually, I don't mind about the delay, but the problem is: "you've had my money for over a month, maybe two" That's why people are angry. If the credit card is charged only when the order ships, that's ok even if the game is delayed (for me, in any case).
Koji says:

I prefer you give us a Free DLC for Agarest 2 for this delay apology! ç_ç
Kosakai says:

Well this is gay..... though am not mad or anything because i have a LE copy of the US and almost finish it. but what saito said was not wrong it being delay after delay and also i dont really want the promotional copy rather have all the free DLC when it come out or give us all the DLC in Batch for 10 GBP Ordered mine when it just came out for preorder anyways hope to get my Delux Edition Soon Good Luck Ross
Rudy says:

**** you, this is the last time i order a game from poor comoany like you 0100
Zeispharn says:

Not like it was a surprise to me, Agarest Zero was delayed 2 times too... I just could hope that, as this new delay is caused by the manufacturer, it will not touch the release of the DLC
Barry Walsh says:

The one time I didn't pre order-Freaked now, I suppose if I pre-order now I won't be eligable for the DDS disc? (Try's to make cute animal eyes)
[GL] Ross says:

@Pepsi_Biofusion The DLC is currently in submission with Sony. I've been told the earliest it will be ready is 3 -4 weeks from now but that's not confirmed yet. @Remy If we have any left over after we ship out our pre-orders I'll do my best to get you one. @roufas Yes saves from these will work with a retail copy of DDS2. @JC We'll be getting the stock to Shop-to as soon as possible. But I suspect people who ordered through us will get their copy before Shopto can send the game out. @Sins The 31st is actually only a placeholder date to stop it being shown as released today. I'm expecting that it will be released before then but we're waiting for more assurances from the manufacturer before stating when it will be in. On to your other questions I'm afraid we won't be able to get any more stock in until we do a second print run. In the game itself you won't be able to select Fiona until later generations but her affection levels have been altered slightly to take this into account. I've certainly had no more trouble than before the change maxing up her affection by the end of the game. And no the hot springs events are not cut.
[GL] Ross says:

@batman I love Radiant Historia it's an amazing game but sadly I don't think we're going to be able to do that one. @WhiteCloud I understand. It's not an ideal way of doing things but sadly at the moment our system doesn't allow us to switch to charging on release. @Barry Walsh We've actually completely sold out of our first print run. I believe Amazon, Shopto, Play etc. all have stock left so you could pre-order from them but I of course they're not offering the DDS items.
Chris says:

I hope next week brings happier news (*cough* devil survivor!) I havn't much interest in Agarest but it's nice to see you being so sincere about it.
sakiu says:

Well I'll be damn... I would like that my copy is signed by Ghostlight, thanks :D peace!
Flamez says:

Asking for free DLC is a bit unfair isn't it?
[GL] Ross says:

Hi everyone. Seeing as we're very close to 1000 likes here on Facebook I thought we would run a little competition. So if we get up to 1000 likes by the end of the weekend we will give away some Fate/EXTRA PSN codes both on Facebook and on our Twitter account next week :)
phreakar says:

Not too bothered about the wait. It was out of your hands. Liking the rare promo disc dds and dds2 soundtrack. Will fit rather nicely in my shin megami tensei collection.
Destinyplan says:

It is very noticeable who are rly Agarest fans and who are greedy fans xD
adk says:

well, it was the same thing with agarest and agarest zero... next time choose to release the game in september. the manufacturers don't work in europe in august.
dgnfly says:

@ross like they say we only human delays mistakes anything can happen this isen't really as bad as the Fate/extra delay considering this is a delay for all regions. anyhow you guys got any next games alrdy for next release? anyhow with Tales of graces F coming out soon and one piece, it's not really turning out 2 be a good release date.
dgnfly says:

@Ross o ya my AVGvirus scan suddently calls this site a attacksite and is harmefull for my PC. what's up with that?
Jalmag says:

Week or two won't make any difference, but repeatedly? Maybe you should consider changing the manufacturer? Btw, I was very surprised to see chrome auto-block this site. It appears Google has flagged it as if containing malicious code.
Ailtin says:

Good riddance that I am still on vacation. Anyway, nice that you mention it here and dont mind it. Some people should feel ashamed though to kill the Messenger, even if it isn't his fault. Don't behave like some cretins in Medieval.
None of your damn business says:

You guys need to sort it out. First minute delays and the next this - My faith in you guys has already gone. With this you're making it worse.
Jakester says:

I was not going to play the game before the DLC comes out anyway, but this is a pretty horrible situation. I for one will think twice before putting money down for a preorder in the future.
Oberon says:

Espero que a España llegue sin ningun retraso,porque es un juego que muchos estabamos esperando. Igualmente se agradece este tipo de noticias y disculpas.
[GL] Ross says:

Hi everyone. Sorry about the virus warnings everyone. We believe the issue has been fixed but we're working to confirm that. @dgnfly The 31st is a placeholder and I'm expecting we should get the game out before then but yes this hasn't really gone as we hoped :(.
Linguist says:

Yeah, there are still virus warnings as of now (21st August) I was already wondering where my preorder was, but seeing this blog post relieved me. Thank you for that mister Ross and Ghostlight ! I'm sure it'll all be fine in the end.
alistair says:

this delay is'nt to do with UK pegi is it as i see dummy box with Pegi 18 example farcry 2 pegi 18 because if it is Pegi Fail bad bring back BBFC i say. Epic FAIL out of GL control. :(
Ranma says:

are there any way you could possibly bring Valkyria Chronicles 3 and Ragnarok Odyssey for the PSP/Vita over to us in europe?
FX_VGM says:

Hope it all works out soon. A bit off topic, but I have a question about the Soundtrack CD. I was unable to commit to an order before your own store's stock ran out. Managed to order on ShopTo but I'm sure they originally advertised the OST as well (have since removed any mention of it). Will there be any other way of obtaining it in the future (restock? sell as individual item, etc?) Heck, I may as well ask how much it'll cost to add one more to the print run?
[GL] Ross says:

Yay Virus warnings are gone :) @alistair Nothing to do with PEGI this time. We've been having issues with the manufacturer but we've been promised that the games will arrive today and we'll be shipping them out to everyone as soon as possible. @Ranma Thanks for your suggestions. I'll pass them on. @FX_VGM We won't be able to add any more copies to this print run I'm afraid. If we do another print run of the Collector's Edition I'm sure it will be included but in the past the second print run has always been of the standard Edition.
Henry says:

RARE PROMOTIONAL DISK OF DIGITAL DEVIL SAGA! why didn't i read this sooner!
FX_VGM says:

@[GL]Ross Thanks for replying, though I think the Soundtrack isn't part of the collector's edition but a little extra from the Ghostlight Store. So if you do a Standard Edition print-run, you could just include the OST as part of it (I'd buy another copy of the game for it). Problem's solved, everyone's happy (well I'd be at least).
Johnm says:

Thanks for update on this, have no problem waiting, just was wondering if a delay had happened. Also seen that shin megami tensei 4 is going be in japan. hope you can maybe pick it up in the future.
Jason says:

Just got the game today. Thank you for the two promo items, it is a very outstanding and customer oriented act!

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