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A second Japanese Dungeon Crawler arrives!

Hi everyone! I had a nice surprise this week, as the first PC build of a second Japanese Dungeon Crawler arrived in the Ghostlight offices this week, which suggests that 2018 could be a really good year for any of you who are looking for some excellent Japanese examples of the genre on your PC.  (From our side, Al is particularly pleased to have a chance to dig into both games.) 

In even better news, this time the first PC build included walls and a floor :) although there is currently an issue with the tutorial, which given my poor skills at dungeon crawlers is a bit awkward for me. 

I'm personally having a hard time picking a favourite between the two games that we're working on right now: they both feel quite unique in their own way, but I'm definitely enjoying them for different reasons so I can't wait to be able to tell you more about them.  Speaking of which, I've been told that we're expecting to be able to announce one of the two very soon, so keep your eyes on the blog for more information as soon as I'm allowed to share it! :)

In other news, it's taken a while, but I have finally managed to put some of the photos from my trip to Japan online, so if you'd like to check them out then take a look at this album. 

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