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Posted by Ross

Way of the Samurai 4 is out now on Steam

The big day has finally arrived, as Way of the Samurai 4 has now been released on Steam. Everyone who’s been waiting for it can now enjoy this fantastic Japanese action game and prestigious ‘Famitsu Gold Award’ winner. 

Way of the Samurai 4 is priced at $24.99, and those of you who missed out on the pre-purchase period will be happy to know that there is a 20% discount on this and on the game’s DLC, which will last until the 30th July.

To celebrate the big day Al and I have been having some fun with the character creation system, to show just how flexible the character creator can be. You'll find the results sprinkled throughout this blogpost and I think they speak for themself :).

The Way of the Samurai series is widely renowned for allowing players to make far-reaching decisions that can radically alter the course of the story and this, the fourth entry in this thrilling series and previously exclusive to the PS3, is no exception! Now all the sword-wielding action, adventure and drama of the Way of the Samurai series comes to PC for the very first time, continuing the series’ blend of customization, exploration, action gameplay and quirky humour.

Way of the Samurai 4 takes place in the humble port town of Amihama during the mid 19th Century, several years after the arrival of the “black ships” from the West ended Japan’s long history of cultural isolation. Amihama’s downtown area has slowly been converted to a “Little Britain,” complete with European-styled buildings, occupied by an influx of adventurous foreign settlers. Not everyone welcomes these new residents though, and three distinct factions with opposing ideals begin to take shape.

You must take on the role of a master-less samurai looking to establish yourself in this conflicted land of opportunity and uncertainty. It is up to you to decide which faction to support in an almighty conflict amongst the region’s three powers, and so direct the course of Japan’s history.

Will you aid the shogunate pro-government in their attempts to keep the peace and establish cordial relations with the foreign contingent?

Will you help the nationalistic isolationists in their attempts to exile this potential threat to the Japanese way of life?

Or will you ally with the foreigners directed by the British Navy in their attempts to establish silk trade and foster cultural exchange?

Who will you support? Who will you betray? Become the ultimate bastion of virtue or the ultimate disgrace to humanity, and do it however you'd like. The choice is entirely your own...

Come join the denizens of this conflicted harbour and enjoy all the series staples you've come to expect from Way of the Samurai:

• Branching storylines with multiple endings

• Dynamic combat system

• Vast array of melee and gunpowder weaponry

• Extensive character customization

• Key event decision making

• Sword collecting

• Original Japanese voiceover with English subtitles

What the reviewers had to say about the PS3 version

“Ridiculously over-the-top Japanese historical setting combined with samurai badassery and an open-world, Choose Your Own Adventure–style interface.” - EGM

“I can recommend this game to anyone who is a diehard fan of samurais and enjoys a good combat system wrapped around a unique way of telling a story.” - Darkstation

“...a unique, rewarding experience that to date, can't be found anywhere else.” – Destructoid

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Posted by Ross

Way of the Samurai 4 is released on Steam tomorrow!

There’s not long to go now… :)  In just over 24 hours Way of the Samurai 4 will be released on Steam and you’ll be able to play this previously exclusive PS3 game on PC for the first time!  This also means that there’s not long left to take advantage of the 40% pre-purchase discount, so if you haven’t already pre-purchased the game make sure you head over to the Way of the Samurai 4 Steam Page.

To coincide with the game’s release tomorrow, we will also be making all of the game’s DLC available to purchase with a 20% discount during the first week of sale.  The DLC’s usual prices will be as follows:

  • Scroll Set - $0.99
  • Iron Set - $0.99
  • Rare Weapons Set A (The Amihama Elite) - $3.99
  • Rare Weapons Set B (The Kinugawa Crazies) - $3.99
  • Rare Weapons Set C (The Tournament Tyrants) - $3.99
  • Where Are They Now? Set - $4.99
  • Ryoma Sakamoto - $3.99
  • Shinsengumi Set - SRP $4.99

So, get set to grab some DLC while it’s discounted!  In addition to the discounted DLC, Way of the Samurai 4 itself will have a 20% discount applied during its first week of release.

In other news, some of you may have noticed that we’ve added a couple of interesting new screenshots to the Way of the Samurai 4 Steam Store page.  These images show some of the torture minigames where unless your character can afford to pay a fine after being arrested, you will be battling for survival as you character undergoes a series of torturous encounters!

You can check out these new screen shots here.

Finally, those of you who are curious about the performance of the PC port of Way of the Samurai 4 might be interested in reading this post on NeoGaf by Durante, the man behind the well known Dark Souls mod, in which he talks about his experiences with the port.

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Posted by Ross

Character Customisation in Way of the Samurai 4

Hi everyone. With just under a week to go until Way of the Samurai 4 is released on Steam, I’m pleased to be able to tell you that Way of the Samurai 4 is now available for pre-purchase.  So, head to the Way of the Samurai 4 Steam Store page if you want to save a massive 40% on the standard price of $24.99!

While I’m on the subject of Way Of The Samurai 4, today I thought I’d talk about one of the features in the game that will allow you to express your creativity and that’s the Character Creator!  While it seems rather simple at first, the Character Creator is a rather powerful tool which allows you to create a huge variety of weird and wonderful characters. From the realistic:

to the somewhat less realistic:

The Standard options are of course all there, and the user has the ability set the character’s clothing, skin colour, face, hair and gender (to do this simply select a male or female character, or face before making further customisations.)

But it is the accessories that allow you to have the most fun as you’re able to resize and reposition every single one of the many accessories available to you, exactly as you wish.

And it’s this tool that has allowed us to create some of my favourite oddities in the office :)  Some of these characters have been created just by repositioning a few key items

Other’s have required some more elaborate work

Of course the characters you create show up in all the parts of the game, from the free roaming and combat sections:

to the romance scenes:

and even the cutscenes:

And yes, he does indeed look just like you’d expect a ronin to look. :)

Many of these options are locked at the beginning of the game, but as you play through the story you’ll slowly gain access to them all.

While it may seem a shame to change away from your favourite creations, fear not as you will see your past characters wandering the streets of Amihama.  These men & women will always be up for a fight, so feel free to test your current characters skills against them!

That’s all from me this week, but before I go, I thought I’d share a link to an ‘alternative’ trailer for the game

Enjoy! :)

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