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Laughing Jackal giving away Elminage Gothic on Twitter

Hi everyone. Despite being incredibly busy with the PC ports of Agarest 2 and Way of the Samurai 4, not to mention Flame Over (a new firefighting action roguelike), the boys at Laughing Jackal have found the time to run a little competition over on their Twitter page.  To be in with a chance of winning one of five Elminage Gothic Steam game codes, all you need to do is follow Laughing Jackal here and then retweet this Tweet.  The competition closes at 3pm BST on Friday 10th October so make sure to get your entry in soon. :)

On the subject of our PC port of Way of the Samurai 4, I’m happy to report that the conversion is making excellent progress.  While there are still quite a few crashes still to fix, we’ve reached the point where the PC version can be completed from beginning to end – hurrah!  In fact, as I’m writing this, Ben (who sits next to me) has just succeeded in getting the ‘good’ ending :)  We’re still targeting a release this year, and with the progress being made I’m sure we’ll be able to announce details of the release soon.

Meanwhile, work is continuing at a feverish rate on our port of Agarest 2 to PC.  The team are still ironing out a lot of rather frustrating crash bugs, so understandably most of the work has been going on ‘under the hood’ in the last week.  Having said that, progress has been solid and the game is looking awesome!  I’ve really been looking forward to getting stuck into testing this one and I’ve been assured by the team that I should be able to get my teeth into a far more stable build very soon.

In other news, those of you who prefer GOG to Steam will be pleased to know that we’re working towards bringing several of our PC releases to GOG.  In fact I’ve already spent some time looking at GOG builds for a couple of them – no prizes for guessing which games :)  So far these builds seem fairly solid, but there’s still a little way to go before we’ll be able to give you a time frame for our GOG debut.

That’s all from me.  I’ll be back next week, but until then why not follow us on our Twitter and Facebook pages, our Youtube Channel and our  Google + account, where we’ll be posting all the latest news from Ghostlight? You can also follow me on Twitter for a more personal take on all things Ghostlight.


Posted by Ross

OMG Zombies enters Steam Weeklong Deals

Hi everyone.

I’m coming to you a bit early this week to let you know that our mighty chain-reaction-shooter, OMG Zombies, will be one of this week’s Steam Weeklong Deals.

This means that until October 6th, OMG Zombies will have an incredible 66% reduction from its usual price of £3.99 ($4.99) leaving the price at a shockingly low £1.35 ($1.70).  So, why not go and take advantage of this great deal here.

OMG Zombies is an awesome reimagining of a genuine classic: the critically acclaimed OMG-Z, a top-ten all-time Metacritic rated PSP game and ranked as Metacritic’s best action title ever released on PSP!  The guys at Push Square gave it 89% and called it “a must buy” game, Escape Rope claimed it’s “ of the best zombie games in recent memory” and Defunct Games gave it an A rating saying it’s “so addictive... I still can't get enough of watching the explosive chain reaction caused from a well-placed bullet.”

OMG! Alert! Alert! The City of Redfield has been hit by an outbreak of exploding zombies! For cool and unimportant reasons these suckers literally explode when shot, showering their zombie brethren with gore and causing chain reactions of showering zombie gibs with just a single bullet!

As a lone cop armed only with bare wit, a large-calibre sniper rifle and bullets coated in a zombie-exploding pathogen, you are the last man standing at the epicentre of a zombie outbreak. Your mission? To succeed where the police and army failed by clearing the streets of 8 different strains of bloodthirsty zombies and stop Armageddon in its tracks!

Use your sharpshooting skills to vanquish 100 branching levels of zombie hell across 40 unique environments in this hugely addictive chain reaction shooter. Earn 400 shiny medals and cold hard cash to buy 100 different upgrades, all designed to MAKE THOSE ZOMBIES EXPLODE!

Now the new and improved OMG Zombies features completely redrawn HD graphics, more gore, more levels, more upgrades and all-new content including 12 trophies, 100+ leaderboards, a 20-stage ‘Prestige’ system and 5 beautifully illustrated endings.


Posted by Ross

Elminage Gothic discount ends today!

Hi everyone.  It’s been almost one week since the release of our amazing dungeon-crawler, Elminage Gothic, which means that the 20% discount is about to end.  In fact it will be gone within hours, so if you haven’t yet bought the game and want to take advantage of this special offer to get the game for just £5.59 then you’d better get your skates on and hurry over to the store page here

Moving on to our other upcoming Steam projects now and I’m pleased to say that the PC conversion of Way of the Samurai 4 is coming along really well.  We’ve recently started to implement PC controls although these will probably undergo some refinement during testing.  Also the required GUI changes (keyboard/mouse controls) are being added for the PC version of the game.  With the release growing ever nearer, the PR machine (that’s me) has already started pestering the team for marketing materials for the game and our guys are busily producing some great artwork which you can expect to see in the very near future :).

Of course we’ve also been hard at work on Agarest: Generations Of War 2 which still has quite a way to go but we’re making steady progress.  The latest playable that’s currently in test in our office is far more stable than previous builds and from what I’ve seen, the game is looking very good on the PC.  This latest instalment in the Agarest saga is quite a departure from the first two as it features a revamped battle system, improved resolution for the character art, movies and environments as well as a totally new Agarest universe to explore.  Fans of the first two instalments are going to love this!

Moving away from Steam and into the world of consoles now, and I can report that SMT: Lucifer’s Call is still in submission with SCEE but we’re hopeful for some good news in the next couple of weeks.  We apologise for the delay on this, it’s really frustrating for all concerned, but we’re doing all we can to bring this title to the PSN store as soon as we can.

Don’t forget I’m going to be attending the Eurogamer Expo from today through to Sunday.  You’ll find me helping Laughing Jackal out on the Flame Over stand (91N) so please do come and say “Hi!” :) and while you’re there you can try out Flame Over :)

Finally some of you may have noticed that the Steam front page has undergone some changes this week.  One of the changes has been the addition of Steam Curators who you can follow for game recommendations.  To abuse my powers over the blog for a touch of shameless self promotion I’ve become one of these Steam Curators.  You can check out and perhaps follow my list here. I’d be curious to see what you think of it. Have any of you guys become Steam curator?  If you have, feel free to link to yours in the comments. While I probably have far too many games to play at the moment, I’m always interested in hearing what else I should be playing :).

That’s all from me.  I’ll be back next week, but until then why not follow us on our Twitter and Facebook pages, our Youtube Channel and our Google + account, where we’ll be posting all the latest news from Ghostlight? You can also follow me on Twitter for a more personal take on all things Ghostlight.


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