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Steam Christmas sale begins

It’s nearly Christmas and I hope you’ve got all your presents sorted. I just ordered my last one this morning before work, which I suppose counts as some form of organisation.  Before I begin I’d just like to remind you all that the last postage date for Christmas is this Saturday. However since no one will be here, if you want to order anything from the Ghostlight Store please make sure you order before 14:00 GMT tomorrow otherwise we cannot guarantee that your item will be shipped in time for the last post.

In other Christmas news I can now tell you that the Steam Christmas Sale has begun bringing with it many cheap games.  Once again I’m pleased to report that our games are among them so check out the great savings we have on offer below.

The chart topping SRPG, Agarest: Generations of War (regular price $14.99) will be available for half price during the sale.  Plus, we’ll also be making all of the game’s DLC, the Premium Edition Upgrade and of course the Collector’s Edition itself available for half price too! With a truly epic storyline taking in five generations of heroes along with challenging grid-based strategic battles, this offer is fantastic value for anyone who wants to jump into this great series of SRPGs.

Meanwhile, the prequel to Agarest, Agarest: Generations of War Zero (regular price $19.99) will have a whopping 40% discount during the sale.  Once again, this applies to all the games DLC bundles as well!  With a brand new story featuring over 80hrs of compelling turn-based combat, animated character portraits, plus the new addition of Vacation Days , this is one that fans of the first Agarest won’t want to miss.

Those of you who prefer a bit of Wizardry-style dungeon crawling will be pleased to know that Elminage Gothic (regular price $9.99), from the makers of the Wizardry Empires series, will also have its price slashed by a massive 40% for the duration of the holiday sale.  This mighty old-school dungeon crawler features multiple character classes, a truly classic turn based combat system and hundreds of fantastic monsters, creatures and demons to defeat!  Do you dare delve into the Dungeons of Tsun-Kurn this winter?

Despite the massive savings above, it’s the blood-splattered, chain-reaction shooter, OMG Zombies! (regular price $4.99),  that gets the largest discount this winter with a gruesomely irresistible 60% off during the sale.  Grab your shotgun and cause massive explosions of gore with one well-placed bullet in this zombie shooter with a difference!

You can see a full list of all the Ghostlight games available on Steam here, so make sure to check out the Steam Store to get your hands on these great games.

In other news, this is in fact my last blogpost of 2014 as tomorrow is my last day in the office before I finish for Christmas.  Until I return on Monday 5th January responses on the Ghostlight Twitter and Facebook pages may be a little slower than usual but you will still be able to find me on my personal Twitter account.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year. See you in 2015!


Posted by Ross

Way of the Samurai 4 gets first PC screenshots!

I’m really pleased to be able to tell you all that the first wave of Beta testing has now started for Way Of The Samurai 4!  Hooray! :)  As yet, we’ve not opened the Beta to all applicants, but if everything goes as planned I’m sure you can look forward to details of how to apply very soon.

While you’re eagerly awaiting that, I thought you might be interested in seeing some exclusive screenshots of the game running on PC.  These are the very first screenshots of the PC version and while it’s still a work-in-progress it might give you a good idea of how we’re coming along with the conversion :)

As many of you have been asking I’d like to take this opportunity to confirm that we’re still working as hard as possible towards releasing Way of the Samurai 4 this year, but due to the nature of the port it’s taking a little longer than we had originally hoped.  I’ll keep you updated with more release news as I get it.

In other news, with the Steam Exploration Sale just finished and our PSN sale only lasting for a few more days, it has just occurred to us that there was one group of console owners who we’d left out… all you 3DS owners!  To remedy that, we’ve put both of our 3DS releases on sale on the eShop.  So from this afternoon until midnight on the 18th December you’ll be able to pick up both games with a massive discount! :)

Fans of Atlus’ renowned Shin Megami Tensei series will definitely enjoy the superb SRPG spin off, Devil Survivor Overclocked.  A massively enhanced remake of the critically acclaimed DS release, Devil Survivor Overclocked combines a fantastic battle system with the dark storytelling Atlus is well known for.  And with a monumental 65% discount, you can pick up this amazing game from the 3DS eShop for just £9.99 (€11.99) rather than the usual price of £29.99 (€34.99)!

Crash City Mayhem (aka Runabout 3D: Drive Impossible in Japan) offers high-octane driving thrills in glorious 3D!  The more you destroy, the greater your rewards as you smash through the city streets in a series of dangerous missions against an evil syndicate of terrorists! And with a spectacular 60% saving, leaving you paying just £6.99 (€7.99) instead of the usual price of £17.99 (€19.99), there’s never been a better time to speed over to the 3DS eShop and pick up this game!

Moving on to Agarest: Generations of War 2, I’m happy to report that our team are making excellent progress.  We’ve now implemented a few PC necessities such as a new pause menu with resolution options, the ability to remap keys, plus the game is now displaying keyboard & mouse controls when the controller is unplugged.  There’s still more work to do until we’re ready for the closed Beta but I’m sure you can expect to hear more news on this in the New Year.

Finally on the subject of Agarest, a massive thank you goes out to everyone who has supported the recent release of the original Agarest: Generations of War on GOG.  With your support we’ve made it to number 2 on the best sellers list as of Wednesday the 3rd December.  It’s always great to see more people playing our games and I do hope that anyone who bought the GOG release is enjoying taking their first steps in to the wonderful world of Agarest! :)

That’s all from me.  I’ll be back next week, but until then why not follow us on our Twitter and Facebook pages, our Youtube Channel and our  Google + account, where we’ll be posting all the latest news from Ghostlight? You can also follow me on Twitter for a more personal take on all things Ghostlight.



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Posted by Ross

Agarest out now on GOG

Hi everyone. I’m really pleased to announce that our Steam chart-topping SRPG, Agarest: Generations of War, is available now on GOG.  As promised we’ll be matching the Steam price for the GOG version, so the Standard Edition will be available for just $14.99 while the Premium Edition Upgrade (containing a digital artbook, selection of wallpapers and the official soundtrack) will be available for $4.99.

Since Agarest is currently available at half price in the Steam Exploration Sale, we thought it would be hugely unfair on GOG users if we released it with no discount.  So, the epic Agarest: Generations of War and Premium Edition Upgrade will also both be available with a mighty 50% discount on GOG from today, but be sure to hurry because the offer will end next Monday 8th December.  Head over to GOG now and check out the Agarest Store page!

At the dawn of time, a terrible war raged between the forces of good and evil, ending in the destruction of the world of Agarest. After their victory, the Gods of Light unified the decaying bodies of the Gods of Darkness and created a new world.

Now, the forces of darkness are awakening once again…

  • Choose the path of Darkness or Light through a truly epic story, spanning multiple generations
  • Battle hundreds of different creatures using an array of character abilities, in a compelling and innovative turn-based combat system
  • Build your ultimate army of warriors and master Extra Skills, Special Arts and Over Kills to defeat colossal enemies!
  • Unite with your chosen heroine and use the “Soul Breed” system to shape the fate of the next generation of heroes

In other news I thought I’d remind you that the Steam Explorations Sale is ending tomorrow evening at 6pm GMT.  EVERY-SINGLE-ONE of our Steam releases is currently included in the sale, with some fantastic savings on offer, so be sure to visit here for the full list!

Finally, here’s just a quick reminder for all you PSN users that there are some truly great savings to be had on the vast majority of our PSN catalogue over on the EU PSN Store right now!  To view the full list of games please visit here.

That’s all from me.  I’ll be back later this week, but until then why not follow us on our Twitter and Facebook pages, our Youtube Channel and our  Google + account, where we’ll be posting all the latest news from Ghostlight? You can also follow me on Twitter for a more personal take on all things Ghostlight.


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